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    Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics etc.

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    "Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam" - Cato the Elder with Scipio and Laelius (right). Cicero, writing his treatise On Old Age (left). Illustration to 'Formulae Honestae Vitae' by Saint Martin of Braga, Marcus Tullius Cicero's 'Cato Maior de Senectute' (Cato the Elder On Old Age) and 'Laelius de Amicitia' (Laelius On Friendship).Three philosophical discourses translated from Latin to French. Last quarter 15th, parchment, 29.5 x 20 cm. Fol.19.


    Trinity College Library. On the lectern, in the foreground, some of Sir Isaac Newton's publications. The library was built by Sir Christopher Wren.


    First edition of the "Dialogo" by Galilei in which he supported Copernicus' view that the sun was the center of the universe: the publication brought Galilei before the Inquisition.


    Sigmund Freud's study with the first couch used in psychoanalysis - 19, Berggase, Vienna. (Reconstruction)


    Emperor Karl V and his wife Isabella of Portugal.The wedding took place in 1526.The alabaster relief shows the arms of Habsburg and Portugal.The 26-year-old Emperor puts his arm around the shoulder of his wife. Alabaster,gilded wooden frame,53 x 56,5 cm.Inv.0432


    Grandes Chroniques de France,France,14th MS 116,fol.277 recto. A philosophy class.


    The Astronomer.


    Karl IV, King of Bohemia 1346, Roman Emperor 1355. Portrait-bust from the triforium of Prague's Saint Vitus Cathedral.

    40-05-02/ 6

    The dentist. Wood,32 x 26,5 cm INV.1220


    Three Philosophers, Pythagoras, Thales and Pherekydes. Detail of 40-07-02/28. Oil on canvas (1508-1509) 123.8 x 144.5 cm Cat. 551, Inv. 111


    A philosopher gives a lecture on the orrery,1766. Canvas,147,3 x 203,2 cm


    Die grosse Pappel (II) or Aufsteigendes Gewitter. Oil on canvas (1903) 100 x 100 cm


    The Hungarian Revolution began with a first mass-rally in Budapest on October 23, 1956. It was crushed by Soviet tanks and artillery after days of street-fighting. A man paints the Hungarian coat of arms on a truck, replacing the communist emblem of hammer and sickle.


    Tractatus de Herbis - herbal book after Dioscorides (40-90CE, ancient Greek physician, pharmacologist and botanist): sugar extraction. Illuminated manuscript; France; 15th century.


    Wounded Aeneas between Venus and Ascanius Fresco from the Casa di Sirico, VI 1,25 Pompeii Close-up of 11-01-02/33 1st CE Inv. 9009


    Great Gallery with ceiling fresco depicting allegories of War, the Arts, Science and the produce of the Austrian provinces (1714-1733), by Gregorio Guglielmi.


    Olga, widow of Igor, Prince of Kiev, has the envoys of the Drevlianians buried alive after their arrival by boat. Igor was killed in battle against the Drevlianian Prince in 945 CE. From the Radziwill Chronicle of early Russian history, page 28 v. 612 miniatures, late 15th

    15-02-02/ 4

    The Coumans attack the region of Chernigov, aided and abetted by Oleg, the local prince (1094); An invasion of locusts. From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia from the legendary beginn- ings to the 13th. Page 141 v.,612 miniatures, late 15th


    Iziaslav, prince of Kiev, forces Prince Iuri Dolgoruki and his Couman allies to lift the siege of Chernigov (1152). From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia. Page 195 v., 612 miniatures, late 15th


    The Cumans attack the region of Kiev and carry off many prisoners; They are beaten by Russian forces under Prince Michael Iurevich. From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia, written at the end of the 15th. 612 miniatures. p.210 v.


    The labours of the months: sowing in August. Leopard with the arms of Louis de Laval (adviser to Loius XI). Cain killing Abel. From the Hours of Louis de Laval, illuminated by Jean de Colombe. Bourges (1469-1489) MS Latin 920, folio 12.


    Book describing the funerarary procession held for Emperor Karl V in Brussels, December 29,1558 (he died in San Yuste and was buried in the Escorial). This hand coloured copy is a present from King Philip II to Councillor Cardinal Granvella.Printers: Plantin-Moretus


    Napiers bones (first instruments used to calculate Logarithms), a compass, a square and some of Isaac Newtons manuscripts on his work table in the Trinity College Library.


    Convent of Port Royal de Paris, the Capitular Hall. This room was the spiritual center of French Jansenism in the 17th.

    24-01-02/ 7

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