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    Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics etc.

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    Galenus and pupils. From the medical texts of Hippocrates with the commentaries of Galen in the version of Constantinus Africanus of Monte Cassino. Paris, around 1306. Detail of 15-02-03/23 Codex 2315, folio 1 recto


    Frontispice of the "Description des Pays"by Gilles Le Bouvier, illuminated by Jean Perreal (?).Coat of arms French kings;Order of St.Michel;helmet;crown; battle-cry of French kings:"Montjoye Saint Denis". folio D verso FR 5783


    Recit du Tournoi du Roi Renee a Saumur en 1446 Nommee "Pas du Perron", 1470-1480.French,Paper,36 x 27 cm, 48 pages.The count of Tancarville defies the defending party by hitting their coat of arms with his lance. His caparison shows the colours of the attackers.Fol.9


    Le Livre des simples medecines - translation into French from the 12th century Latin manuscript of Matthaeus Platearius,physician in Salerno,Italy. Middle 15th,Parchment,29 x 20 cm,221 pages. A rose with leaves and roots.Fol.183 verso.


    Italian steel buckler with niello tracery and gilding. The buckler was grasped from behind by a riveted crossbar. The shield has the Venetian republic's Lion of St. Mark at the top of the rim, and a Venetian family's coat of arms.


    unknown artist, painted after a painting Sir Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723) Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727)


    Ceremonial hall of the Hradschin. On the table the first edition of Kepler's "Astronomia nova" which was dedicated to Emperor Rudolf II, whose portrait is on the wall in the background.


    Alchemist's medal, a present to Emperor Leopold I from the alchemist and "gold-maker" Johann Wenzel Seyler von Reinburg, who hoped to secure the Emperor's patronage. Portraits of members of the Habsburg family, Leopold I in center. Gold-silver alloy, 37.5x 30 cm, Vienna 1677


    Gilded bronze weather vane. Viking ship from Tingelsted, Norway; 12th century See also 30-01-10/59


    Europe from a world map by Juan de la Cosa. Juan de la Cosa (1460-1510, Spanish cartographer, conquistador and explorer) was member of seven voyages to the New World. Detail of 03-08-03/7.

    03-08-03/ 8

    Physician and surgical instruments. Initiation relief (3rd-1st BCE).


    Prince Rurik Rostislavich and his allies, the prince of Tchernigov and the Coumans, take and plunder Kiev (1203). From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia, from the legendary beginnings to the 13th. Page 238, 612 miniatures, 15th


    Coats-of-arms (death-shield) of Simon de Lalaing, Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece.


    In 1785,Louis XVI gives instructions to Jean Francois de Galaup,comte de La Perouse,naval officer and explorer.Towards the end of a world cruise with a staff of scientists,La Perouse and his crew were killed by natives on Vanikoro Island in the Hebrides.


    The constellations.From "Phenomenes d'Aratus" Ms.188,folio 20,France, around 1000.


    Daedalus and Icarus. Illustration to The Mirror of the True Rhetoric (Marcus Tullius Cicero and others: Spiegel der waren Rhetoric). Printed by Friedrich Riederer, Freiburg im Breisgau, 11 December 1493. Woodcut, 146 x 187mm. (fol. LXIr.)

    33-02-05/ 3

    Minerva and Saturn protect Art and Science from envy and lies. 1644 Canvas, 146 x 202 cm Inv. 1136


    The cure for folly. A satire on medieval charlatans and quack doctors who claimed to cure madness by extracting a stone from the person's forehead. Wood, 48 x 35 cm Inv. 256

    40-05-04/ 1

    (after Le Brun).Colbert presente a Louis XIV les membres de l'Academie Royale des Sciences - Louis XIV establishes the Academy of Science, Colbert presents the members. Canvas, 348 x 590 cm


    Emperor Maximilian I (1466-1536). Oil on limewood (1519) 74 x 61.5 cm Inv. 825


    Celestial globe from Isfahan,Iran. Incised bronze.

    03-04-01/ 3

    Copernican system - With the Sun, not the Earth at the centre of the solar system. The observed motions of the planets are described in terms of a complex set of circular orbits around the sun, this explaination later being replaced with the more elegant system of eliptical orbits. Atlas Coelestis. 'Harmonia Macrocosmica seu Atlas Universalis et novus, totius universi creati Cosmographiam generalem, et novam exhibens ... Studio et labore Andreae Cellarii, etc' by Andreas Cellarius. Amsterdam, Apud J. Janssonium, 1660. Shelfmark: Maps.C.6.c.2 Page Folio Number: after 22


    Royal game of the 24 squares of Ur. Geometrical game board and chips with shells, bone, lapis lazuli, and red limestone from a royal cemetery in Ur, Mesopotamia WA 120834

    08-02-01/ 3

    Sheep's liver. Terracotta model Late middle Syrian period (late 14th to early 12th BCE) from Emar (Mascana) 10.8 x 11 x 4.1 cm


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