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    Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics etc.

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    Zodiaque médical - Medical Zodiac. From "Secundum philosophorum deliramenta". Italy; 9th century CE.

    03-08-01/ 7

    Cathay and the Empire of the Great Khan. Cathay is the Anglicized version of "Catai", the name that was given to northern China by Marco Polo (he referred to southern China as Manji). From the World Map by Fra Mauro, 1459.


    The Rosetta stone,an irregularly shaped stone of black basalt,found in 1799 near the town of Rosetta (Rashid) near Alexandria by Napoleon's armies. The inscription is a priestly decree affirming the royal cult of the 13-year old Ptolemy V. With its inscriptions by priests of Memphis, in Hieroglyphs, (suitable for a priestly decree) demotic (the native script used for daily purposes) and Greek (the language of the administration), it permitted Champollion,in 1821,to decypher hieroglyphs. EA 24


    The signs of the Zodiac from the mosaic floor of the cathedral of Otranto, southern Italy. January: a woman warms her hands; February: a woman prepares a roast piglet, a "porchetta". The cathedral was built in 1088, the mosaic floor was completed in 1166. See also 15-03-05/16-42


    The meeting of Ursula and her fiance Ereo; trumepteers, detail of 40-07-02/11. St.Ursula,was a Christian prin- cess betrothed to an English prince. Returning from a pilgrimage,Ursula and her virgin-companions were killed by Huns in Cologne. Canvas,280 x 611 cm, 1494. Cat 575


    Christ Pantokrator,surrounded by saints;signs of the zodiac. Fresco in the central cupola of the church of the Archangel Michael, Lesnovo. Painted by Michael of Lesnovo, 1347-1349


    Shield of the duchy of Krain (today Krajna), 1463. Wood, gilded and painted. Inv. 52.816/1


    Isaac Newton (1643-1727) discovers the refration of light. Canvas.


    Weather God Ivriz. Bas-relief on a basalt stele (Late Hittite, 9th BCE) from Babylon, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    Lion with inscription "Temple of the Weather God" on top left corner. Basalt bas-relief from the base of the south wall of the western palace of King Kapara. From Tell Halaf (ancient Guzana), north-east Syria. Aramaean, mid-10th century BCE.


    Eagle. Pendant-reliquary, from Bohemia, 1380 Gilded silver, pearls and precious stones.


    Astrologers announce the appearance of a comet (Halley's Comet), which portends misfortune for King Harold II.


    Anatomical illustrations.Albucasis (Aby-al-Qasim) "Surgery",Ms.89 bis,fol.23.France,14th


    Bartolomeo da Bologna,Panegyrique de Bruzio Visconti, Italy,14th.MS599/1426 fol.6 verso. Zodiac surrounded by philosophers Aristotle,Plat, Socrates and Seneca.


    Richard of Wallingford, Abbot of St. Albans, mathematician and inventor of a mechanical clock. He is shown seated at his desk measuring with a pair of compasses. From the History of the abbots of St Albans. 14th century. Shelfmark: Cotton Claudius E. IV Page Folio Number: f.201


    Astrological tablet from Warka. Between the cuneiform writing a star, a raven and a woman. Seleucide period (3rd-1st BCE) Clay, 11,5 x 19 cm AO 6448

    08-05-11/ 5

    Jerusalem with Emperor Constantine's buildings rising above Calvary and the Holy Sepulchre. Detail of the "Map of Madaba", a mosaic floor of an early Christian church.

    15-03-05/ 3

    (Henri Testelin after Le Brun) Louis XIV establishes the Academy of Science (detail).


    Professor Theodor Billroth lectures at the General Hospital, Vienna. 1880 By A.F.Seligmann Canvas

    32-01-01/ 3

    The constellations.From "Phenomenes d'Aratus" Ms.188,folio 30,France, around 1000.


    Le Livre des Proprietes des Choses,France,14th MS 993,fol.43 verso The teaching of the different parts of the body.


    Reverse panel of the altar of The Last Judgement in Beaune. Right panel: the wife of Nicolas Rolin, chancellor of the Dukes of Burgundy and founder of the hospital in Beaune. She kneels in prayer, an angel holds her coat of arms. Wood, 1434


    The seven liberal Arts:in the centre Astronomy,Ptolemy at her feet;Geometry and Euclid,Arithmetic and Pitago- ras,Music with Tubalcain,Rethoric and Cicero,Dialectic and Aristotle;Grammar led by two children. Front of a cassone, Wood, 56 x 155 cm Cat.Nr. 2844


    God of writing and science with a scribe. Sculpture with two figures from Amarna. 1340 BCE, Tutankamun Period Height: 14 cm


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