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    Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics etc.

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    A man has his headache treated with plaintain-root. From Codex 93 of a collection of medical manuscripts and descriptions of plants and animals. Italy (1st half 13th) Size: 27.5 x 18.6 cm


    Le Livre des simples medecines - translation into French from the 12th century Latin manuscript of Matthaeus Platearius,physician in Salerno,Italy. Middle 15th,Parchment,29 x 20 cm,221 pages.A man digs for orpiment,a yellow mineral.Fol.43


    Nicolas Copernicus, 1575. Inscription: "Clarissiums et Doctissimus Doctor Nicolai Copernicus ... Astronomus Incomparabilis"

    24-01-01/ 1

    Copies of instruments used by Nicolas Copernicus for his observations in the courtyard of the monastery of Frauenburg (Frombork), Poland.


    The refectory hall of Trinity College.


    Dining-room at the Greenwich observatory where Sir Isaac Newton often went to visit the director, Edmond Halley, the first person to observe the comet today called Halley's Comet.


    Plexiglass model of the U-235 atom in action constructed for the Union Carbide Corporation of New York, U.S.A.


    Clock illustrating Albert Einstein's theory of the speed of light and relativity. Theory says that time is relative, the only absolute is the speed of light.


    Galileo Galilei's workroom with his table and a globe. Sentenced to seclusion by the Inquisition in Rome, he returned to his house near Florence where he wrote the "Discorsi".


    Peter Anich (1723-1766). Oil portrait. Map of Northern Tyrol with globes, spheres, and instruments.


    Books and instruments from Jefferson's architectural library.


    Bezoar, goat's kidney stone supposed to have healing powers. Spanish, first half 16th H: 25,5 cm Inv. 994


    Celestial globe carried by a horse; clock work of brass, case, silver, partly gilded. 1579 From Vienna H: 27.3 cm


    Boettger's models: vase, jar with lid and tea pot in Chinese K'ang-hsi stoneware. 1662-1722


    Microscope by Alexis Magny (Paris, 1712-after 1777) Brass and bronze, white enamel, sharkskin. H: 49 cm Inv. 9870

    32-01-01/ 2

    Two feti in the womb with umbilical cord slung around heads and necks. By Giovanni Battista Sandri Museo Ostetrico Giovan Antonio Galli


    Wax model of a fetus in the womb, with the umbilical cord slung around his neck. By Giovanni Battista Sandri Museo Ostetrico Giovan Antonio Galli


    Islamic celestial globe and two smaller celestial globes which show only the two main rings, like an armillary sphere.


    The movements of the sun,fol.38 verso, from the "Breviary of love" (codex provencal) by Master Ermengol de Beziers,13th.


    Dissection of the thorax of a cadaver.From the "Liber notabilium Philippi Septimi",by Guy de Pavia. Ms.334/569,fol.18.Italy,1345.


    Four Angels staying the winds and the signing of the Chosen. The Revelation of Saint John (Apocalypse, V. Figure). Around 1497/98. Woodcut, 393 x 285mm. (monogrammed)


    The Southern Hemisphere of the Celestral Globe. Dated 1515. Woodcut, 430 x 435mm. Title inscription: "Imagines coeli Meridionales."


    The Small Triumphal Car or The Burgundian Marriage. From the triumphal procession of Emperor Maximilian I. 1516-1518. Right block (in original size): Victory guiding the triumphal car. Woodcut (printed from two blocks) - right block, 921 x 382mm.


    A teacher with four scholars. Illustration to Alexander Gallus: "Prima Pars doctrinalis". Published by Friedrich Creussner, Nuremberg, 1491. Woodcut.


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