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    Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics etc.

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    Sitting Astronomer holding a Globe. Title woodcut to Messahalah (Messahalah, De sciencia motus orbis). Published by Johannes Stabius. Printed by Johann Weissenburger, Nuremberg, 3 April 1504. Woodcut, 125 x 102mm. (fol. A1r.)


    Alfred Russel Wallace (1823–1913) was a British naturalist, geographer, anthropologist and biologist. Wallace's independent proposal of a theory of evolution by natural selection prompted Charles Darwin to reveal his own more developed and researched, but unpublished, theory sooner than he had intended.


    Nicolaes Hartsoeker, (1656-1725), physicien, désignant un bateau dans la tempête. 1682. Canvas, 49cm x 40cm. M.N.R. 696


    L'Apothicaire, dit aussi le Chimiste. The pharmacist, also called the chemist. Wood, 27 x 23,5 cm INV. 1463


    The Sciences and the Arts. Wood, 93 x 114 cm Inv. 1405


    El Geografo - The Geographer. Canvas


    Stormy sea. Oil on cardboard/canvas (1906) 23 x 33 cm


    Cuneiform tablet with observations of Venus, Neo-Assyrian from Niniveh, northern Iraq, 7th BCE. The text of the tablet is a copy, made at Niniveh in the 7th BCE, of observations of the planet Venus made in the reign of Ammisaduqa, king of Babylon, about 1000 years earlier. ANE, K.160


    The Vase vesovali, from Khurasan (Afghanistan) around 1200. Decorated with complex atsrological imagery.Twelve roundels around the bowl each contain the personificaion of a planet with the sign of the zodia representing its day or night house. The figure drawing water from a well is Saturn in his night house Aquarius, the figure riding a ram is Mars in his night house Aries. OA, 1950.7-25.1


    Actors in the rain. From 'Yakusha sangaikyo', a book showing actors in a rainstorm enjoying themselves in the Pleasure Quarters of Edo. They wear wooden shoes and carry paper laterns and umbrellas and hold up the edges of their garments in order not to get them soaked. Woodblock colour printed. Title of Work: Yakusha Sangaikyo ('Amusements For Actors On The Third Floor'). Edo-period, Japan; 1801 Shelfmark: 16104.a.37 volume 2 Page Folio Number: ff.9v-10


    Replica of Galileo's telescope. Made of wood and leather; 1610.


    Newton's first reflecting telescope. 18th century.


    Fragment of a water gauge. Late Period (713-332 BCE), Egypt. Acquisition of the Kircherian Museum


    Two tweezers, a spatula, and a small ladle, from Bethlehem. Bronze, Second Temple Period, Late Hellenistic-Herodian


    Painted geometrical designs on a terracotta pot (6th-1st BCE) from Marson, Marne, France Height 12 cm


    Mousa, daughter of Agathocles, a woman physician. Funerary stele (2nd-1st BCE).


    Greek musician. Clay statuette (10th-6th BCE, Geometric Period) found in 1924 in the Arcades, Crete. Height 7.5 cm Inv. 8104


    Telesphoros, god of health. Terracotta figure (2nd CE) from Stara Zagora. Height 17 cm


    Spangenberg Castle near Kassel with a 16th century entrance gate topped by an escutcheon in relief (see close-up 14-01-01/50).


    Coat of arms of Nicolas Fouquet and his wife Madeleine. The tower is Madeleine Fouquet's escutcheon, the squirrel belongs to the Fouquet arms, a symbol of rapid ascension, with the motto "Quo non ascendet" ("Is there a position to which he will not rise?")


    Messengers of the Moravian prince Rostislav ask Emperor Michael III to send missionaries speaking a Slav language; he sends to Saloniki for Constantin and Method. From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia. Page 13. 612 miniatures, late 15th.

    15-02-02/ 3

    Vladimir founds the Church of Our Lady of the Dime in Kiev; Anastasius and other priests from Cherson are installed there. Vladimir orders the building of the fortress of Belgorod in 990. From the Radziwill Chronicle, page 67, 612 miniatures, late 15th

    15-02-02/ 8

    A man has his headache treated with plaintain-root. From Codex 93 of a collection of medical manuscripts and descriptions of plants and animals. Italy (1st half 13th) Size: 27.5 x 18.6 cm


    Le Livre des simples medecines - translation into French from the 12th century Latin manuscript of Matthaeus Platearius,physician in Salerno,Italy. Middle 15th,Parchment,29 x 20 cm,221 pages.A man digs for orpiment,a yellow mineral.Fol.43


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