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    Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics etc.

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    Anatomical illustrations.Albucasis (Aby-al-Qasim) "Surgery",Ms.89 bis,fol.16 verso.France,14th


    Bloodletting.From the medical treatise by Aldebrande of Florence,1356,fol.19 recto.


    World Map of Johannes Stabius (Mappa mundi). Dated 1515. Woodblock (printed from four blocks), 645 x 850mm. For the right part see 33-02-03/18.


    "Les Bronzes de la Couronne" comprise bronze sculptures mainly collected by and presented to Louis XIVth. Astronomy - Venus Urania,after a model by Giambologna. H: 39,7 cm No.66 of the original royal inventory.


    The Village Barber. Dentist extracts a tooth. Oil on oakwood (1630-1635) Size 34 x 41.3 cm Cat. 272, Inv. 748


    The cure for folly. A satire on medieval charlatans and quack doctors who claimed to cure madness by extracting a stone from the person's forehead. Detail of 40-05-04/1 Inv. 256

    40-05-04/ 2

    Dr.John Chambers, personal physician to Henry VIII. Painted 1543. Oakwood, 58 x 39,7 cm Inv. 882


    Fra Luca Pacioli,mathematician (1445-1518)and a young pupil, probably Guidobaldo da Montefeltro (1472-1508) of Urbino. Oil on wood (1495) 99 x 120 cm


    L'orage (dit l'orage pointel) - The thunderstorm,1651. Canvas, 99 x 132 cm Inv.975.1


    Un chimiste dans son laboratoire, dit aussi un philosophe occupee de sa lecture - a chemist in his laboratory, also a philosopher reading; a portrait of the painter Joseph Aved (1702-1766). Canvas, 138 - 105 cm R.F. 2169

    40-12-15/ 3

    Augenoperation - Eye-operation, 1929/30 Wood, 40 x 30,4 cm


    Mercury passes the sun, seen through a telescope. Tempera on canvas (1914) 138 x 99 cm


    The operation, 1912 Canvas, 165 x 150 cm


    Scenes from Exodus The Golden Haggadah. Catalonia, early 14th century Add. 27210, f.12v

    40-18-05/ 1

    The constellations The Jewel of the Essence of All Sciences. India, 1840 Or. 5259 f.56v


    The Hungarian Revolution began with a first mass-rally in Budapest on October 23, 1956. It was crushed by Soviet tanks and artillery after days of street-fighting. Corvin Lane during the cease-fire: a makeshift Red Cross ambulance with a nurse passing a disabled mine-thrower.


    Portrait of Pliny the Elder. From the Historia Naturalis, an immense encyclopedia probably completed in 77 by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder. The Historia makes no distinction between the real and the imaginary, but provides a fascinating insight into Roman learning in the 1st century. Siena, Italy; 15th century.


    Map of Pacific Ocean with New Guinea and South America showing Magellan's ship Victoria from Theatrum Orbis Terrarum by Abraham Ortelius. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum ("Theatre of the World") is considered to be the first true modern atlas. Written by Abraham Ortelius and originally printed on May 20, 1570, in Antwerp, it consisted of a collection of uniform map sheets and sustaining text bound to form a book for which copper printing plates were specifically engraved.

    03-08-03/ 6

    Michael Faraday (1791-1867, British physicist and chemist) in his laboratory.


    Wooden ex-voto (1st BCE) from the Gallo-Roman cult place at the source of the Seine River, St. Germain sur Seine, France.


    Telesphoros, god of health. Terracotta figure (2nd CE) from Stara Zagora. Height 17 cm


    During the night, the demons roam through the town of Polotsk. The inhabitants are afraid to leave their houses (1092). In the morning, the demons return on horseback. From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia, page 124, 612 miniatures, late 15th


    Boyars of the Russian principality of Vladimir-Suzdal murder their Grand Prince, Andrei Bogoliubski in 1175. From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia, from the legendary Rurik to the 13th. Page 215 v., 612 miniatures, late 15th


    Vsevolod's troops occupy Toryok and lead the population into captivity (1178).From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia from the legendary beginnings to the 13th. Page 226, 612 miniatures, 15th century.


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