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    Saint Francis renounces all worldly possessions, 1298 Mural,270 x 230 cm

    40-08-17/ 6

    Almoner distributing bread to the poor. Christ giving his benediction. Illumination of majuscule A. From "Les Miracles de Notre Dame de Gautier de Colnay" MS 551, folio 10 verso.

    15-02-03/ 4

    The miracle of Saint Didacus of Alcala (Diego). Surpised during a forbidden feeding of the poor, the bread in his cauldron is turned into flowers.


    King Cophetua and the beggar maid. In a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, the African King Cophetua disdains women, but in the end falls in love with a beggar maid. Oil on canvas (1884) - 293.4 x 135.9 cm


    Le songe du mendiant. The beggar's dream. Canvas, 74 x 92 cm RF 1988-17


    The religious procession in the Province of Kursk. The miraculous icon was carried by the wealthiest landowner. Kursk province was famous for its grandiose religious processions. - Oil on canvas (1880-1883) 175 x 280 cm


    The Seven Acts of Mercy. Wood (around 1550) Antwerp, Belgium


    Le Pied bot - The club-footed boy, 1642 Oil on canvas, 164 x 95 cm


    Un meeting, 1884 Canvas, 195 x 177 cm RF 442


    "La Liberte" -Liberty.


    Le pain noir - The black bread, 1923 Canvas


    Saint Rochus distributing alms Oil in canvas (1817) 94 x 129 cm


    Presentation in the Temple, panel from a predella for an altar in the Strozzi chapel, Santa Trinita, Florence. 1423 Wood, 26,5 x 66 cm INV. 295


    Belisarius begging for alms. Oil on canvas (1784) 101 x 115 cm Inv. 3694


    Distribution de vin et de comestibles aux Champs Elysees, 1822. Distribution of wine and food at the Champs-Elysees, a Roman tradition renewed by the Empire and the Restoration. Probably June 1, 1815 Canvas, 97 x 129 cm


    Les mangeurs de pois - The Pea-Eaters. Canvas, 74 x 87 cm


    Mendicant friar. 9th century. Ink, gold and colors on silk. From Gansu province, Dunhuang, Grotte Magao (China).


    The offering of the poor widow, Luke 21:1-4 Jesus and an apostle 6th


    San Diego (Saint Didacus) de Alcala dando comida a los pobres - Saint Diego of Alcala feeds the poor. Canvas, 173 x 183 cm


    An invalid war-veteran begs on the Graben,Vienna's most elegant shopping street. Vienna,1953

    53-13-23/ 2

    Le frere Junipero et le pauvre - brother Junipero and the beggar. Canvas, 176 x 221,5 cm R.F. 1964-1


    Scene de tribunal. Oil on canvas 54.5 x 65 cm RF 1938-64


    Shabby backyard of an apartment building in West Berlin, 1951.


    For many unemployed and war-veterans,window shopping is the only way to participate in the economic recovery.Vienna,1953

    53-13-59/ 9

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