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    The breakfast room of Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte and Empress Marie-Louise in the Trianon in Versailles. The table is laid with the Empire style Tea-set "Vieux-Paris",property of the Emperor. One of his hats on the couch in the background.


    The music room in Versailles, piano and music sheets of Empress Marie-Louise, second wife of Napoleon I.


    Main dining room of the Pallavicini Palace with the table laid for a ceremonial dinner. Ludwig van Beethoven played here during the Congress of Vienna.


    Chateau de Versailles: the "Salon des Dames" at the time of King Louis-Philippe (1773-1850), with the original furniture and (foreground) embroideries by Queen Amelie and her ladies.


    Drawing room in George Sand's country house in Nohant, where she entertained contemporary writers and friends and where she spent several summers with her lover, Frederic Chopin.


    Mozart's pianoforte,by Anton Walter of Vienna,1780. On the wall a portrait of a young boy,son of Karl Joseph Count Firmian,governor of Lombardy and a patron of Mozart during his childhood trip through Italy.


    Mme. de Stael's salon in her Chateau in Coppet, Switzerland. It was a meeting place for writers and poets opposed to Napoleon.

    26-03-05/ 8

    Chateau de Sache, where Honore de Balzac spent several weeks a year. The salon, with furniture and wall paper of 1803. Left: study of a head of Balzac by Rodin.


    Telescope, triangle, magnet compass hourglass and pendulum clock (16th and 17th), which belonged to Galileo Galilei.


    Room in the Villa Bertramka (composer Duschek's house), Prague's suburb of Smichov, where Mozart stayed in 1787 for the performance of the "Marriage of Figaro" and where he finished "Don Giovanni" for the opera's first- night at Prague's Staendetheater (Tyl-Theatre).


    The bathroom of Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte in Versailles.


    Franz Schubert's eyeglasses on the manuscript of the song-cycle "Gretchen am Spinnrad", written for Therese Grob. Franz Schuberts Brille auf dem Manuskript des Liederzyklus "Gretchen am Spinnrad", fuer Therese Grob komponiert.


    The court theatre of Schoenbrunn Palace with the stage set for Mozart's opera "Der Theaterdirektor"


    The dining room of the Hotel Rothschild on Faubourg St. Honor‚, Paris.


    The library of Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte in Compiegne.


    Isaac Newton's manuscripts on optics and colour, and the prism which he used for his experiments. All the colors of light which he could reflect through his prism.


    Chateau de Versailles: the gaming room with the chess board of King Louis-Philippe (1773-1850) and original furniture and lamps.


    La Vallee aux Loups, house in which writer and statesman Francois-Rene Vicomte de Chateaubriand lived from 1807-1818. Mme. de Recamier was a frequent visitor. The bedroom.


    Chateau de Nohant, home of French romantic writer and journalist George Sand, pseudonym for Amandine- Lucie-Aurore Dupin (1804-1876). Her best-known lover was composer Frederic Chopin. When Napoleon III made himself Emperor, the liberal Sand retired to Nohant.


    Concert hall in the Radziwill Palace, the scene of Frederic Chopin's first public concert in 1818


    Dining room in George Sand's country house Nohant, where her lover Frederic Chopin spent many summers resting and composing.


    View from the window of Frederic Chopin's apartment in the Square d'Orleans towards the windows of writer George Sand's apartment in the opposite building.


    Study of Prince Nikolaus I Esterhazy (1714-1790) in Eisenstadt, Austria. Joseph Haydn, music master at the Esterhazy Court, had to report to him every morning regarding musical performances.


    The library of Napoleon (1769-1821) in his residence "La Malmaison" when he was First Consul. On the desk a map of the battle of Arcole where he defeated the Austrians in 1796. After their divorce, Empress Josephine lived here.


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