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    Imperial orb, sword, and scabbard, insignia and regalia of the Holy Roman Empire. Sword: gold, silver wire, enamel, garnets. L: 110 cm First hald 11th Inv. XIII 17


    "Crucifixion". Mosaic

    15-03-03/ 6

    Anastasis. Christ, descended into limbo, saves Adam, Eve, King David, and King Solomon. Mosaic

    15-03-03/ 7

    King Harold II of England is killed by William the Conqueror by an arrow in the eye during the battle of Hastings, 1066. Illumintated manuscript; 13th century.


    Empress Zoe (1028-1050) holding the deed for the endowment of the church. Full Mosaic shows Christ flanked by Zoe and Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos. Detail of 15-03-09/18


    Virgin and Child. Detail from the mosaic "The Nativity" 15-03-03/19.


    Christ flanked by Emperor Constantine IX (1042-1054) and his wife the Empress Zoe. Since Zoe was previously married to Romanos III and Michael IV, the Emperor's face was changed with every new consort. Early 11th Votive mosaic, south gallery, Hagia Sophia.


    Washing the infant Jesus. Detail from the mosaic "The Nativity" 15-03-03/19.


    Norman calvary encounters Saxon infantry. Bayeux Tapestry, embroidery (11th).


    Portrait of Emperor Isaac Komnenus (1057-1059), from the Deesis in the Narthex.


    Crown of Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos (reigned 1042-1055). Gold, enamel, precious stones.

    30-01-04/ 3

    The arrival of the Magi. Detail of the mosaic "The Nativity" 15-03-03/19.


    A panel of woven Coptic textile, a woman and her lover in a garden. Fatimid period, 11th


    The Apocalypse of Saint Severin, the second angel blows his trumpet, from Gascogne (3rd quarter 11th). MS Latin 8878, folio 139 v.


    A pair of gold crescent earrings, Fatimid dynasty, from Syria, 11th. Decorated with fine filigree and granulation. The u-shaped central section consists of a row of eight bosses, decorated in gold granulation, a popular design among Fatimid goldsmiths. The earrings are hollow and contain a small piece of lead as a base for their delicate structure. OA, 1925.5-12.2-3


    The coronation of Harold II; he receives orb and sceptre. Bayeux Tapestry, embroidery (11th).


    God descends, by means of a ladder, to witness the building of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11, 5). From Old English Illustrated Hexateuch. England, Canterbury; second quarter of 11th century Shelfmark: Cotton Claudius B. IV Page Folio Number: f.19


    Gold and enamel reliquary cross. Byzantine, early 11th. This reverse of the cross depicts the Virgin Mary standing with her hands before her chest in an attitude of prayer. To her right is a bust of Saint Basil the Great, to her left a bust of Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus. The enamel is "Senkschmelz", "sunken enamel" and the colours are a rich mixture of translucent blues, greens and browns with opaque white, blacks, blues and reds. From the Great Palace in Constantinopel. M&ME, 1965,6-4.1


    Daniel in the lions' den. Detail of 15-03-03/41


    View of the central nave of St. Mark's Basilica, Venice. Foreground, above: the so-called Pentecost cupola with the Holy Ghost descending upon the apostles. Mosaics, begun in the 11th century, cover more than 4000 sq.m of the basilica's walls.


    King David and King Solomon. Detail from "The Resurrection" (15-03-03/7) Mosaic

    15-03-03/ 8

    Harold swears fealty to William, Duke of Normandy. Bayeux Tapestry, embroidery (11th).


    The Norman cavalry rushes into battle. Bayeux Tapestry, embroider (11th).


    Harold's embarkation for Normandy. Bayeux Tapestry ordered shortly after the Conquest in 1066 by William the Conqueror's half-brother Odon de Conteville.

    31-01-01/ 2

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