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    Saint Theresa of Avila, 1827 Canvas, 172 x 96 cm


    Dante and Virgil with plague-stricken in Hell. From Dante's Divina Commedia. Italian; 14th century.


    King sitting on his throne, table with offerings, his son, and courtiers. Relief from the top of the sarcophagus of Ahiram, King of Byblos, from Byblos, Lebanon


    Anastasis. Christ, descended into limbo, saves Adam, Eve, King David, and King Solomon. Mosaic

    15-03-03/ 7

    Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) church and mosque, now museum. Built under Justinian (527-565) over a 4th ct. basilica. Minarets were added when the church became a mosque after the Turkish conquest in 1453. Painted-over mosaics were restored under sultan Abdul Mecit in 1847. Hagia Sophia was the seat of the Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople (also known as Byzanz or Istanbul) and a principal setting for Byzantine imperial ceremonies. In this church the coronation of emperor Alexios IV Angelo took place on August 1 1203.

    15-03-04/ 1

    Maria Magdalena beweint den toten Christus - Mary Magdalen deplores the dead Christ,1867 Canvas,84 x 149 cm Inv.104


    Triptych with the Last Judgement, right shutter, detail: Casting the Damned into hell. 1467-1471 Oak, entire panel 223,5 x 72,5 cm Inv.SD/413/M

    40-03-06/ 6

    Christ washing the apostles' feet. 1632 Canvas


    David. Marble statue (after 1501)


    The Archangel Michael hurls the rebellious angels into the abyss. Around 1650 Canvas, 419 x 283 cm Inv.350


    Jehu, King of Israel, prostrating himself before King Shalmaneser III of Assur. Basalt bas-relief. Black stele of Shalmaneser III. See also 08-02-01/44 Inv. 118885


    Jewish prisoners with camel and baggage on their way into exile. Detail of the Assyrian conquest of the Jewish fortified town of Lachish (battle 701 BCE). Part of a relief from the palace of Sennacherib at Niniveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq)


    Jonas and the whale, from the Verdun Altar. Enamel plaque in champleve technique on gilded copper (begun 1181)


    The Deposition, from the Thessaloniki Epitaph. Embroidery, gold wire on purple silk cloth.


    Archangel Michael with his attributes, the messenger's staff and a crystal orb with a cross. 110 x 81,5 cm T 2162


    The Wedding at Cana. From the narthex of Hagia Sophia, Trebizond. Around 1260


    Gdansk (Danzig),Poland, after massive destruction during World War II. In the center Marienkirche, Saint Mary's church, to the right the "Krantor", the crane-city gate. 1951

    15-04-05/ 1

    Le Reniement de saint Pierre dans un corps de garde avec des joueurs de cartes. 1646. Copper, 37cm x52cm. INV. 1877


    Manuscript by Logman: The fine Flower of Histories - Mohammed sourrounded by his first disciples. 1583


    Shrine of the Three Magi (begun 1181), smaller shrine inside with remains of the 3 Holy Kings, at the high chancel of the cathedral. Gold, enamel, precious stones, antique gems, cameos Size: 210 x 110 x 153 cm


    Ceremonial dinner on the occasion of the wedding of Emperor Joseph II and Isabella of Parma, which took place in Vienna on October 6th, 1760. Detail of 25-01-01/40: musicians. Oil on canvas, overall size 300 x 390 cm


    Mosaic showing Abel sacrificing a lamb and Melchizedek, Priest-King of Salem, sacrificing bread. 6th century CE; Presbytery of San Vitale Basilica, Ravenna

    30-01-10/ 9

    The Last Supper. Painted for the main altar of the church Saint Leu-Saint Gilles in Paris. Canvas, 287 x 370 cm INV. 1704


    The table of the Seven Deadly Sins. Forming a circle around the figure of Christ, seven scenes depict the Seven Deadly Sins,each identified by an inscription. Four circular scenes in the corners represent the Four Last Things. The painting belonged to King Philip II of Spain. Wood, 120 x 150 cm Inv.2822


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