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    The tree of Life, allegory with birds perched on branches. Mosaic pavement; 4th century CE


    Crucifixion. Emperor Constantine the Great and his wife Saint Helena at the foot of the Cross. Central part of the triptych (6th-10th)


    Bishop Zaudria and people of the town of Anagni await the return of the reliquary of Saint Magno which was purloined by Saracens in 877 CE. Fresco; 13th century


    The Ground-floor Hall (Sala Terrena) of Eszterhaza Palace. The Palace of the Esterhazy-Family was built for Prince Nicholas (1760-1766). Joseph Haydn was court musician to the prince.


    Portrait of Constanza, daughter of Emperor Constantine the Great (272-337), including grape harvesting putti. Roman mosaic from the ambulatory vault of Santa Constanza, the mausoleum of Constantine's daughter, Constanza; 4th century CE


    Bethsabée recevant la lettre de David - Bathsheba receives the letter from King David, 1654. Canvas, 103cm x 87cm. R.F. 1349


    Adoration of the shepherds, in the background Saint Francis of Assisi Canvas, 258 x 189 cm Inv. 753

    40-04-02/ 6

    Semitic Bedouins in their traditional striped robes ask permission to enter Egypt, led by a man called Idsha bringing animals as presents. The mural is thought to resemble a Jewish tribe arriving in Egypt. From the tomb of Nomarch Chnum-Hotep. Middle Kingdom, Egypt


    Romanized Christ as Good Shepherd. Fresco

    15-01-02/ 5

    The siege of Constantinopole, 1453, from the outer wall of Moldovita Church, Romania. The fall of Constantinople was still an interesting and moving topic almost 80 years after the event, when the murals were painted. Above:Christ's descent to limbo.


    Saint François prêchant aux oiseaux - Saint Francis preaching to the birds. Detail from the predella of the painting Saint François d'Assise recevant les stigmates - Saint Francis of Assisi receiving the stigmata (40-08-04/29). Around 1295-1300. Wood, goldleaf, overall size 313 x 163cm. Inv. 309


    Lot and his daughters.


    Salome and the head of Saint John Baptist Canvas


    Book of the Dead: Papyrus of Heruben. (Book of the Dead - collection of funerary spells usually written on papyrus and placed with the deceased in the tomb). Depiction of two uraneus cobras, devine bull, wing of Horus or Nechbet (?), eye of Sungod Ra and woman with perfume cone.


    Der Suendenfall - The Fall. After 1537 Beechwood, 49,5 x 35 cm Inv. 3523


    The "Madaba map" (Jordan), mosaic floor of an early Christian church. The map mentions nine Jewish tribes and various localities from the New Testament; in the center: Jerusalem, with Emperor Constantine's buildings rising above Calvary and the Holy Sepulchre, Bethlehem, Emmaus, Jericho the Dead Sea. and the river Jordan with the place of Jesus' baptism

    15-03-05/ 2

    Emperor Karl V (1500-1558), in whose realm, stretching from Eastern Europe to Latin America, 'the sun never set'.Contemporary copy after Titian. Canvas, 110 x 91 cm Inv. 8060


    Dante,Divina Commedia:encounter of Dante and Beatrice. Venetian School,14th


    The Adoration of the shepherds, 1476. Center piece of the Portinari Altar. Tempera on wood,253 x 304 cm Inv.3191 See also 40-01-01/9-13

    40-01-01/ 8

    The Transfiguration of Christ. Oil on wood, 1520. The side wings representing the portraits of the donors (Anselmus de Boodt, Johanna Voet) and their children were executed by Pieter Pourbus (1523-1587) in 1573.


    The conversion of Saint Paul - Paulussturz. Canvas, 177,5 x 128,5 cm Inv. 2035


    Pentateuch of Tours: the story of Laban. Tents of Jacob in the upper part, camel caravan and the servants of the families in foreground. Origin doubtful: Spain, Italy, Northern Africa, Palestine? Nouv. Aqu. Latines 2334, folio 30.


    Turkish flag, captured at the naval battle of Lepanto. Red silk rep, Ali's sword (D'hul Faqar), verses from the Koran. Gold and green border.


    Saint Peter resurrects the son of Teophil, prefect of Antiochia, his jailer. Because of this miracle, Saint Peter is liberated (Legenda Aurea). The resurrected boy is a portrait of the young Gian Galeazzo Visconti. Painted with Filippino Lippi. 1425-1428. 232 x 597 cm


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