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    A man drops a contribution into the collection box of a new church in Katowice(Stalingorod,for a few years), mining town in Upper Silesia. The church was financed by subsidies and private donations.Katowice,1956


    Under Hungarian Communism, Protestants, Catholics and Jews were fairly free in the exercise of their religion. Some leaders of the churches were imprisoned. Joszef Cardinal Mindszenty returned to Budapest on October 31, 1956, after 8 years in an AVH (Secret Police) prison in Felsoepeteny. On November 4, he fled to the US-Embassy in Budapest, where he remained until 1971. He was permitted to leave Hungary in 1971 and lived in Vienna until his death in 1975.


    Under Hungarian Communism,Protestants,Catholics and Jews were fairly free to exercise their religion,but leaders of the Christian churches were persecuted. Cardinal Joszef Mindszenty after his release from prison, Budapest,October 1956.


    Aftermath of the Hungarian Revolution. An old woman sells candles for Christmas trees. Budapest, December 1956


    Church of the Holy Cross,Leipzig.People leave after Sunday morning mass.Leipzig,1959

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    Pope John XXIII (1881-1963, Pope 1958-1963) during an audience in Castel Gandolfo. 1962.

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    Winston Churchill's son at his father's funeral. To his left, the widow of Marechal Leclerk. St. Paul's Cathedral, London, January 1965.


    Pope John XXIII, Roncalli, during an audience at Castel Gandolfo,Italy.


    Pope John XXIII, Roncalli, during an audience at Castel Gandolfo,Italy.


    The Madaba map,a mosaic on the floor of St.George's Church in Madaba,Jordan. Originally 6 x 15,5 m,the map showed an area between Lower Egypt and Sidon.The detail shows Jerusalem,the Dead Sea and the river Jordan. Detail: Brthlehem.

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    The Golden Gate. Print of the 19th century.

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