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    Salomon et la reine de Saba, dit aussi Esther devant Ahasverus - Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, also called Esther before Ahasverus Oil on canvas, 80 x 119 cm R.F. 3737


    Pope Leo the Great faces Attila the Hun (452 CE) Bozzetto,canvas,50 x 66 cm Inv.O.A.7620


    Semitic tribe asks permission to enter Egypt. Their leader brings a gazelle. Mural from the tomb of Chnum-Hotep,Beni-Hassan 19th BCE,Middle Kingdom. Detail of 08-01-03/17.


    The spiral staircase of the great cistern of Gibeon leads down into a Canaanite well, mentioned in the Bible (Gibeon: "the hill", present day El-Jib). Here Joshua fought the Amorites and the sun stood still.


    Roman Emperor Tiberius (42 BCE-37 CE). Blue gem (cameo) of glass paste, late Augustan era (2nd quarter 1st CE) Height 5.9 cm Inv. IX A 30


    Sardonix Cameo showing Roman Emperor Augustus,inserted into the Lothar Cross.The cross was made in Cologne for Emperor Otto III, *980 +1002, Emperor 996-1002. Its name derives from a rock- crystal also in the cross, with Emperor Lothar's name. H:50 cm,wooden core with gold,silver,pearls and stones.

    10-05-06/ 6

    Room with mirrors, Falkenlust Castle, Bruehl (1729-1740), built for Prince Elector Clemens August, Archbishop of Cologne.


    The room in Schoenbrunn palace which Napoleon used during the occupation of Vienna in 1805 and 1809. On the table the "Treaty of Schoenbrunn". Napoleon's son, the Duke of Reichstadt died here on 22 July 1832,aged 21.


    The Tassilo Chalice, a gift from Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria and his wife Liutpirc to the Abbey of Kremsmuenster. Gilded copper decorated with niello and silver medallions of Christ and the four Evangelists. Around 770, H:25,5 cm


    Archbishop Maximian's carved ivory pulpit

    15-01-03/ 3

    Missale Remense - massbook for the use of Saint-Nicaise of Reims,France,between 1285 and 1297. Latin,parchment,23,3 x 16,2 cm, 336 pages. Credo,fol.20 verso:the Creation.

    15-02-07/ 3

    Pentecost.Initial D. From the Hours of Francois de Guise,French 1350-1400. Ms 64/1671,fol.112


    God ordering Noah to leave the Ark, from the Story of the Flood.


    King David and King Solomon. Detail from "The Resurrection" (15-03-03/7) Mosaic

    15-03-03/ 8

    Saint Mercurios,a militant saint of the Greek church,always shown wearing armour. From the church St.Clement in Ohrid,Macedonia, Around 1295.


    Fresco of the Anastasis from the paracclesion: Christ, descended into limbo, pulls Adam and Eve from their graves. John Baptist stands next to Christ, behind Adam. Under Jesus' feet the gates of hell and the guard of Hades handcuffed and bound.


    Madonna and child, flanked by Empress Irene and Emperor John II Komnenos (1118-1134). The Emperor holds the money-bag with the church's endowment, the Empress holds the deed. Votive mosaic from the south gallery of Hagia Sophia.


    Nobles carry coats-of-arms, the royal and the imperial crowns, the sword and a herald's coat in the funerary procession held for Emperor Karl V in Brussels, 1558. The only hand-coloured copy of the book was a present from Karl's son Philip II to his councillor Granvella.


    Wedding concert in 1760 for Joseph II and Isabella of Parma. The Imperial Family, Maria Theresia, Franz Stephan of Lorraine, their 16 children. The wedding took place in Vienna on October 6th, 1760. Detail of 25-01-01/40. Oil on canvas, 300 x 390 cm


    "Adam and Eve and the Fall",a charade played by the "Schubertians",the group of friends around Schubert, in Atzenbruck Castle near Vienna,1821. Inv. 18.752


    Emperor Joseph II and his generals in the military camp at Minkendorf, Austria. From right to left: Fieldmar- shals Prince Liechtenstein, Count Lacy, the Emperor, behind him Fieldmarshals Laudon, Hadik and Archduke Franz, later Emperor Franz I (II). See also 39-18-01/46


    Dante Alighieri, Italian poet (1265-1321) who wrote the "Divina Commedia" Inv. 8066

    26-01-03/ 1

    Saint Louis s'embarque pour la croisade - Saint Louis enters a ship to go on a cruisade.

    26-03-09/ 9

    Interior baptismal with font and part of the dome. Orthodox Baptistery, Ravenna; early 5th century

    30-01-10/ 4

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