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    Daniel in the lions' den. Detail of 15-03-03/41


    Judas kisses Jesus. Detail from "Judas' Betrayal" Fresco


    The Death of the Virgin Mary. Detail of the antepedium Pala d'Oro from Constantinople (ca. 1100). Gold, enamel, and precious stones Overall size: 140 x 350 cm


    Deposition and deploration, around 1164. Church of St. Panteleimon, Nerezi near Skopje.


    Death of the Virgin Mary. As she lies on her deathbed, Christ gathers her soul in the form of a newborn child. From the naos.


    View of the central nave of St. Mark's Basilica, Venice. Foreground, above: the so-called Pentecost cupola with the Holy Ghost descending upon the apostles. Mosaics, begun in the 11th century, cover more than 4000 sq.m of the basilica's walls.


    Throne of Charlemagne Aachen, Germany

    26-03-01/ 7

    At the Castle of Loches, Jeanne d'Arc announced the delivery of Orleans to King Charles VII. Jeanne, on horseback, is surrounded by her companions. The banner says: "Here comes the virgin sent by God..." Miniature on parchment.


    Tomb of the Black Prince (so named because of the colour of his armour): Edward, prince of Wales (1330-1376), son of Edward III; famous English commander during the Hundred Years War. Gilded chopper; 14th century See also 16-01-03/64


    La Majeste de sainte Foy - statue of a saint, a young woman who died a martyr in the early 4th century. 9th century,with gothic additions;gilded silver,copper, enamel,rock crystal and precious stones,cameos; wooden core. H:85 cm


    Pippin's reliquary,or the reliquary of the circumcision 9th-11th century.Reverse side with birds (eagles? doves?)with enamelled wings;in the center of the roof an antique gem of cornelian representing Apollo. 18,5 cm x 18,5 cm


    Psalter of Ingeburg of Denmark,France,around 1210. MS 9/1695, f. 10 verso Abraham and the angels.

    32-01-04/ 2

    Madonna and Infant Jesus between Saint John Baptist and Saint Parasceva, Greece, ca. 1400 Wood,27 x 21 cm RF 1988-7

    39-15-01/ 3

    Jesus Christ at Martha's and Mary's house (in the foreground a kitchen, in the background the biblical encounter) Canvas; 126 x 243cm Cat. 6972


    Adam and Eve. Expulsion from Paradise. Detail. Triptych The Last Judgement, left wing, inside. Oil on oakwood Inv. 4 C PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE MUSEUM.


    Triumph of Faith.(Allegory of the victory of Catholic faith over the Reformation), 1627. Oil on canvas, 481 x 595 cm


    Emperor Franz I,Maria Theresia and their children. To the right and left of the Empress are Joseph and Leopold,two future emperors. Canvas


    Saint Luke Evangelist. Canvas,98 x 72 cm


    Altar:Descent from the Cross,central panel. Oil on canvas


    The Expulsion from Paradise (Genesis 3, 23-24). Top row left of the murals in the Brancacci Chapel, the private chapel of the Brancacci family of Florence. 1425-1428 See 40-07-8/1-24 214 x 90 cm

    40-07-08/ 1

    Crowning Jesus with the crown of thorns. Oil on canvas, 138,5 x 173 cm Inv. 307


    Crucifixion. Canvas, 75 x 57 cm


    The Sistine Chapel; ceiling frescos after restoration. The creation of Eve.


    The martyrdom of Saint Matthew, 1598 Canvas


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