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    The Holy Family. Canvas


    The Annunciation. Oil on wood, 98 x 217 cm 1472-1475 Inv. 1618


    Virgin and child with Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint James the Elder, 1527-30 Canvas, 113,5 x 152 cm Inv. 101


    Saint Jerome lisant - Saint jerome reading. Copy of a lost original. Canvas, 122 x 93 cm R.F. 3928


    Praying Hands (study). Point of brush and black ink,heightened with white, on blue prepared paper, 1508 29x 19,7 cm


    "Das Schlangenweib" (the snake woman) Oil on canvas


    Stone panel from the South-West Palace of King Sennacherib Niniveh,northern Iraq. This alabaster panel was part of a series on the siege of Lachish. On the left, inhabitants of Lachisch leave to be resettled elsewhere in the Assyrian Empire. On the right foreigners (possibly Nubians) are tortured and probably flayed alive. See also 08-02-03, 08-02-05, 08-05-12 and 08-05-13. ANE 124909

    03-03-02/ 7

    Rulebook from a monastery college showing the students' daily lives and training to become monks. 1387.


    Island of Arvad (today Tyre), top right, on the Lebanese coast. Cedar wood transport for the building of a palace. Bas-relief from the Palace of King Sargon in Khorsbad, Mesopotamia (Iraq). Center panel, for continuation see 08-02-16/18,20 Gypseous alabaster.


    Canaanite moat, tower, and fortification wall of Jericho (Tel-el-Sultan), oldest known inhabited settlement. Neolithic fortification

    08-03-02/ 9

    King Hazael of Damascus framed by a lotus flower. Carved ivory plaque, 8th BCE. From Arslan Tash, ancient Hadatu, Northern Syria 17.8 x 5.6 cm AO 11488


    Funeral stele of Menas, a soldier who died in the battle between Seleucos and Lysimachos, two satraps who fought for the Empire of Alexander the Great (281 BCE). Seleucos founded the Seleucids dynasty in Syria. From Iznik, Turkey


    The Apocalypse of Saint Severin, the second angel blows his trumpet, from Gascogne (3rd quarter 11th). MS Latin 8878, folio 139 v.


    Saint Bernard,Abbot of Clairvaux,from:Heures d'Etienne Chevalier,,around 1445. Bottom scene shows Saint Bernard tempted by Satan.


    Noah offers thanks at an altar. Mosaic from the story of the Flood in the arcades of the atrium of S.Marco Basilica, Venice.


    The Tree of Jesse,surrounded by biblical personages. From Rabanus Maurus,De Laudibus Sancte Crucis. French,1250-1300. Ms 240 fol.11


    The Last Supper. Jesus and his disciples. Mosaic (6th)


    King Arthur rides to seek the Grail. Scene from the mosaic floor of the cathedral of Otranto, southern Italy. The cathedral was built under Roger, Norman Duke of Apulia, and consecrated in 1088. The mosaic floor of 1166 is a compendium of medieval knowledge and lore. See also 40-11-24/36-46


    Count Ekkehard and Countess Uta. Donor figures from the west choir of Naumburg Cathedral.


    Piero Leopoldo, Grandduke of Tuscany, later Emperor Leopold II, his wife Maria Ludovica of Spain, and eight of their sixteen children, painted in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, 1776.


    Ark (Torah shrine) doors from the Butzian synagogue in Cracow, Poland. "Be strong as a leopard, light as an eagle, fleet as a deer and strong as a lion to do the will of thy father," is inscribed over the doors. Carved and painted wood, 130 x 96 cm


    Coronation of Henry IV,1399. From Jean Froissart's Chronicle. Harl.4380.fol.186 v (detail)


    The Woman clothed with the Sun and the Seven-headed Dragon. The Revelation of Saint John (Apocalypse, IX. Figure). Around 1497. Woodcut, 394 x 283mm. (monogrammed)


    Jeanne d'Arc, en presence de Charles VII, repond aux prelats qui l'interrogent, en annoncant sa mission et les visions qui la ont revelee. Joan of Arc, in the presence of Charles VII, King of France, answers the questions of the prelates; she anounces her mission and the visions which have revealed her task. Canvas, 142 x 167 cm


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