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    The dead Christ,1521 Canvas


    Bathseba at the well, a boy brings King David's letter. Oakwood, 175 x 126 cm Inv. 965


    Crucifix, from Umbria, second half 13th Wood, 96,5 x 73 cm R.F. 1981-48


    "Das Schlangenweib" (the snake woman) Oil on canvas


    The Chapel in Charlottenburg Palace. On the canopy above the king's stall, the Prussian crown is carried by two putti and a Prussian eagle (18th).


    Waves of The Flood, from the panel "Noah's Ark" of the Verdun Altar. Enamel plaque in champleve technique on gilded copper (begun 1181)


    Eve hands Adam the apple; the snake has a crowned woman's head,(Genesis 3,1-6). Verdun Altar, 51 plaques in champsleve-technique, enamel on gilded copper. 1181, for Prior Wernher of the Augustinian canons of Klosterneuburg, Austria. Total L of the altar: 460 cm


    The arrival of the Magi. Detail of the mosaic "The Nativity" 15-03-03/19.


    Death of the Virgin Mary. Fresco by Mihail and Eutychios (1295)


    Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Detail of the antependium Pala d'Oro from Constantinople (ca. 1100) Gold, enamel, and precious stones Overall size: 140 x 350 cm


    The Flight to Egypt. From the Baptistery, Florence. Mosaics cover the entire cupola. They were begun in 1220 and completed a century later. The designs are by Florentine painters, among them Cimabue and the young Giotto.


    Saint Mary and child from the apse of Hagia Sophia (shortly after 834)


    St Demetrius, soldier saint, within a gold and enamel pendant reliquary, Byzantine, 13th century. St Demetrius lying in his shrine in the church of his name at Thessaloniki. The enamelled panel with the saint is actually a hinged flap which opens to reveal a gold effigy of the saint and a place for his relics. M&ME, 1926,4-9,1


    Jeanne d'Arc, en presence de Charles VII, repond aux prelats qui l'interrogent, en annoncant sa mission et les visions qui la ont revelee. Joan of Arc, in the presence of Charles VII, King of France, answers the questions of the prelates; she anounces her mission and the visions which have revealed her task. Canvas, 142 x 167 cm


    The Virgin Mary, Christchild and young Saint John Baptist. Copy


    Triptych of the Braque family, painted before 1452 for Jehan Braque of Tournai and his wife Catherine of Brabant. Left: Saint John Baptist; center: Christ between the Virgin and Saint John Evangelist; right: Saint Magdalen. Detail of the orb carried by Jesus Christ. For overall view please see 40-02-02/1. Wood, 41 x 34cm. R.F. 2063


    The Fall (left) and Expulsion from Paradise Two wings of an altar. Oakwood, 237 x 87,5 cm Inv. 1031,1032

    40-04-02/ 1

    Vue de la Salute depuis l'entree du Grand Canal - View of the church Santa Maria della Salute from the entry of the Canale Grande, 1727-28. Copper, 45 x 60 cm


    The Holy Family. Canvas


    Virgin and child with Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint James the Elder, 1527-30 Canvas, 113,5 x 152 cm Inv. 101


    Saint Jerome lisant - Saint jerome reading. Copy of a lost original. Canvas, 122 x 93 cm R.F. 3928


    Praying Hands (study). Point of brush and black ink,heightened with white, on blue prepared paper, 1508 29x 19,7 cm


    Stone panel from the South-West Palace of King Sennacherib Niniveh,northern Iraq. This alabaster panel was part of a series on the siege of Lachish. On the left, inhabitants of Lachisch leave to be resettled elsewhere in the Assyrian Empire. On the right foreigners (possibly Nubians) are tortured and probably flayed alive. See also 08-02-03, 08-02-05, 08-05-12 and 08-05-13. ANE 124909

    03-03-02/ 7

    Rulebook from a monastery college showing the students' daily lives and training to become monks. 1387.


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