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    The Inferno Wood; 86 x 82cm Cat. 2095


    The Virgin Mary, Christchild and young Saint John Baptist. Copy


    Annunciation. 10014622


    Triptych of the Braque family, painted before 1452 for Jehan Braque of Tournai and his wife Catherine of Brabant. Left: Saint John Baptist; center: Christ between the Virgin and Saint John Evangelist; right: Saint Magdalen. Detail of the orb carried by Jesus Christ. For overall view please see 40-02-02/1. Wood, 41 x 34cm. R.F. 2063


    The Fall (left) and Expulsion from Paradise Two wings of an altar. Oakwood, 237 x 87,5 cm Inv. 1031,1032

    40-04-02/ 1

    The dead Christ,1521 Canvas


    Saint Catherine's altar, triptych on lime wood (1506). Left panel: Saint Dorothy receiving roses from a young boy, Saint Agnes with the lamb, and Saint Kunigunde with the ploughshare. Saint's day: 21 January


    Bathseba at the well, a boy brings King David's letter. Oakwood, 175 x 126 cm Inv. 965


    Vue de la Salute depuis l'entree du Grand Canal - View of the church Santa Maria della Salute from the entry of the Canale Grande, 1727-28. Copper, 45 x 60 cm


    The Death of the Virgin. Oil on canvas (1605) 369 x 245 cm Inv. 54


    Galahad withdrawing the sword from a block of stone and the apparition of the Holy Grail to the knights of the Round Table. From "Quête du saint Graal". Medieval manuscript; Paris, France; 15th century. BNF Français 120 , Fol. 524v


    Captured Canaanite towns. Inscriptions in commemoration of the victory of Sheshonk I, Pharaoh Shischak of the Bible OT, over the Israelites. Bas-relief on the south wall of the temple of Amon, Karnak, Egypt. 930 BCE, Tanite Period, New Kingdom


    Isaac is born to Abraham and Sarah, (Genesis 21,1-3). Verdun Altar, 51 plaques in champsleve-technique, enamel on gilded copper. 1181, for Prior Wernher of the Augustinian canons of Klosterneuburg, Austria. Total L of the altar: 460 cm

    15-01-05/ 3

    The Fifth Trumpet of the Apocalypse.The Fall of the Star of Satan.From the Liber Floridus by Lambertus Ms 724/1596 fol.12 verso.


    The stars on the ceiling of the vault. Mosaic (mid 5th)


    The arrival of the Magi. Detail of the mosaic "The Nativity" 15-03-03/19.


    Death of the Virgin Mary. Fresco by Mihail and Eutychios (1295)


    The Flight to Egypt. From the Baptistery, Florence. Mosaics cover the entire cupola. They were begun in 1220 and completed a century later. The designs are by Florentine painters, among them Cimabue and the young Giotto.


    The four horses of the facade of St. Mark's Basilica (these are the originals, the ones on the Basilica are copies). Gilded copper, Greek sculptures of the 3rd or 4th BCE, a booty the Venetians brought back from Constantinople in 1204. See 15-04-04/45-48


    St Demetrius, soldier saint, within a gold and enamel pendant reliquary, Byzantine, 13th century. St Demetrius lying in his shrine in the church of his name at Thessaloniki. The enamelled panel with the saint is actually a hinged flap which opens to reveal a gold effigy of the saint and a place for his relics. M&ME, 1926,4-9,1


    Dome mosaic of the Baptism of Christ by John Baptist on the River Jordan surrounded by the 12 Apostles. 5th century CE See also 15-03-02/55

    30-01-10/ 8

    Apocalypse d'Angers,1373-1387, a series of tapestries woven for Louis I.,Duke of Anjou. The assault of the city by the seven-headed beast (Revelations 18:1-2):"And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying: Babylon the Great is fallen, and is become the habitat of devils and the hold of every foul spirit..."

    31-03-02/ 6

    Crucifixion.RF 1988-6

    39-15-01/ 2

    Triptych with the Last Judgement, center panel: Judgement and Weighing of Souls. 1467-1471 Oak, 221 x 161 cm Inv.SD/413/M

    40-03-06/ 2

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