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    The temptation of Eve. Limestone lintel, around 1130


    Departure of crusaders for battle in Syria.


    Armour of Archduke Max (later Emperor Maximilian) and Archduke Sigmund of Tyrol; Horse helmet (Rosstirn), by Lorenz Helmschmied, Augsburg, Germany.

    17-01-01/ 5

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1109.Famine,Plague, War and Death,represented by four men riding colourful horses.One rider has a set of scales,two hold swords and one has a bow and arrow.A demon or mythical beast waves its arms,lower right.From the Silos Apocalypse. Add 11695,fol.102 v. Apo 9: 13 - 16


    The sinfulness of greed and of indulging in pomp and banquets is shown here as a group of diners are surrounded by devils, some blowing trumpets. One of a set illustrating temptations, from poems by Matfre Ermengau. ID: Roy 19 C I, fol. 204 (detail).


    Rubens at work painting: The Allegory of Peace Canvas; 337 x 414cm Cat. 190


    The fall of the rebellious angels. Around 1340-1345. Detail of 40-08-04/31. Canvas (transposed, originally wood) 64,2 x 29 cm D.L. 1967-1-a


    St. Wolfgang Altar, closed inner shutter pairs. 8 scenes from the life of Christ: Baptism, Temptation, Wedding at Cana, Feeding of the 5.000, attempted stoning, money lenders driven from Temple, Christ and the adulteress, the raising of Lazarus (1475-1481)


    Adam and Eve; a rather free copy of the painting by Titian (around 1570).Rubens copied the Titian painting during his second stay in Spain 1628-1629. Canvas,237 x 184 cm Cat.1692


    Deploration with Saint Mary and Saint John apostle. Around 1614/15 Oakwood, 107,5 x115,5 cm Inv.529


    Judith and Holofernes. Oil on canvas (1926)


    The Adoration of the Magi. Center piece of the "Altar of the City's Patron Saints", Cologne. Tempera on oakwood (around 1450)


    The Sistine Chapel; ceiling frescos after restoration. The creation of sun, moon and plants.


    The Annunciation.On the predella scenes from the life of the Virgin:Birth,Betrothal,Visitation,Epiphany, Purification and Death.Left:Expulsion from Paradise. Painted 1425-28 Wood,194 x 194 cm Cat.15

    40-08-14/ 1

    "La Pucelle!" - Jeanne d'Arc leads her army. 1907 Canvas, 190 x 341,5 cm R.F. 1977-122


    The Taylor-Prism, Neo-Assyrian, from Niniveh,northern Iraq, 691 BCE. This six-sided baked clay document is a foundation record, intended to preserve Sennacherib's achievements for posterity and the gods.The prism records Sennachrib's third campaign, the destruction of 46 cities in Judah and the deportaion of 200.150 people. Hezekiah, king of Judah, is said to hve sent tribute to Sennacherib. ANE 91032

    03-03-02/ 8

    The blowing of the second trumpet. Commentary on the Apocalypse, published in 776 by Beatus of Liebana (730 -798, Spanish monk and theologian). This commentary was popular during the Middle Ages and survives in over 30 manuscripts (usually called Beatus) from the 10th through 13th century. From the Real Monasterio de Santa Mara de Guadalupe, Spain."And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea becme blood.." Apo 8: 8 - 9


    The Dome of the Rock, interior. The rock in the centre of the Mosque marks the spot, according to Jewish tradition, where God prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. In Muslim tradition, this is the place from where the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven.


    Christ's descent to hell, from the Verdun Altar. Enamel plaque in champleve technique on gilded copper (begun 1181)


    Staurothek (reliquary of the Holy Cross). Triptych. Saints and benefactors of the Benedictine Abbey, founded by the Frankish Prince Liutwin. Reverse side. Gold and enamel (1220)


    "Scivias"(Know the ways of the Lord) by the German nun and mystic Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179).The book, Codex Rupertsberg,disappeared during WW II.Transparen- cies are from a faksimile.The Fall; Adam who has disobeyed God falls into the black abyss of hell.

    15-02-04/ 3

    The Great Satan from the Gates of Hell. Mosaic floor of the cathedral of Otranto, southern Italy. The cathedral was built under Roger, Norman Duke of Apulia, and consecrated in 1088. The mosaic floor of 1166 is a compendium of early medieval knowledge and lore. See also 40-11-24/36-45 Apo 12: 9


    The Sea and its monsters; from the Last Judgement, Gracanica Church, Serbia. H: 170 cm


    Gala dinner in honour of the wedding of Crownprince Joseph (later Emperor Joseph II) and Princess Isabella of Parma, at Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, in 1760. At the head of the table the bridegroom's parents, Emperor Franz Stephan and Empress Maria Theresia.


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