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    Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,the Three Youths in the Fiery Furnace of Nebuchadenosor. Fresco

    15-01-02/ 4

    Salome dancing before Herod, from the MS "Psalter of Paris". MS Grec 139, Vol. 8


    Teuderic reliquary;the inscription on the back of the gold-plated silver shrine names a couple who asked the presbiter Teuderic to have a small coffer made in honour of Saint Maurice.The center gem is a Merovingian glass-paste.Gold-plated silver,pearls,precious stones.


    Anastasis: Christ standing on the broken gates of hell, he pulls Adam and Eve to salvation. The guardian of Hades lies bound and gagged at Christ's feet. Around 1315. King's Church, Kraljeva Crkva, (King's Church) Studenica Monastery. Detail


    So-called "Imervard-Cross", a version of the Italian "Volto Santo" Cross from Lucca, where Christ is not depicted as the suffering redeemer, but as Christ-King in ceremonial robe and gold belt. Oakwood, mid-12th


    Emperor Maximilian II (1527-1576) and his family, his wife Maria of Spain, his children Anna, Rudolf and Ernst. Canvas, 240 x 188 cm, 1553 Inv. 3448


    Johann Friedrich,elector Saxony (1503-1554)in armour. Johann Friedrich was the head of the "Schmalkaldischer Bund",the league of protestant princes.In the Battle of Muehlberg the protestant forces lost against the Imperial troops.Canvas,129 x 90,3 cm Inv.533


    Cavalcade celebrating the coronation of Emperor Karl V in Bologna,1530.Page shows Pope Clement VII and Emperor Karl V riding side by side under a canopy. Coloured woodcut on parchment,one of 23 pages. 480 c 50 cm Inv.V.IV.1.3.


    Lower plate of a diptych: Annunciation Virgin Mary; trial of the bitter water; Flight to Egypt. From the eastern Mediterranean; late 6th century. Traces of incrustation and gilding. Ivory, H: 7,1 cm


    Mosaics of vines and grapes. San Prisco Chapel; early-Christian Period (6th century CE)


    Dante and Virgil in the underworld(detail),with a commentary by Guinforte delle Bargigi. Italian,15th. Ms.2017,folio 245.


    Empress Maria Theresia of Austria (born 1717, reigned 1740-1780). Canvas


    Altar of the Last Supper.Center: last supper, with four members ofthe donors, the Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament; left: Abraham and Melchisedek, bottom:Jewish passah meal; right: collection of manna, bottom: the angel wakes the prophet Elijah. 1464-1468, wood


    Altar of the Seven Sacraments,painted before 1450. Center panel:the Eucharist (a priest lifts the host). Left:baptism,confirmation and confession;right: ordination,marriage and extreme unction.

    40-06-15/ 1

    The calling of Matthew, 1599. Canvas


    Adam and the angels Around 1570, Qazrin, Iran ? Gouache and gold on paper, 20,50cm x 10,90cm MAO 375


    Semitic tribe asks permission to enter Egypt. Their leader brings a gazelle. Mural from the tomb of Chnum-Hotep,Beni-Hassan 19th BCE,Middle Kingdom. Detail of 08-01-03/17.


    Animals inside the Ark. From the MS "Beatus in Apocalipsin" composed around 784 by the abbot of San Martin de Liebano, Spain. The version in hand was illustrated by the monk Emeterio and a nun signed "En Depinctrix" between 970 and 975. Detail of 15-02-01/6.

    15-02-01/ 7

    David and Goliath. From the MS "Psalter of Paris". MS Grec 139, fol.7


    The Three Magi on their way. Mosaic (6th)

    15-03-02/ 5

    Saint Peter's denial, Jesus and an apostle, a rooster on a column. Mosaic (6th)


    Mosaic in the early Christian chapel under the ranks of seats of the Roman amphitheatre at Durres,Albania. The mosaic on the south wall shows St.Stephen, the first Christian martyr,the Virgin Mary and archangels Michael and Gabriel. Around 750.


    Drunkards in hell,tortured by devils who pour boiling lead and sulphur down their throats. Initial "A". From the "Tresor de Sapience",French,15th.Ms 146/1513.


    Christ Redeemer;around 1393/94


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