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    Mosaics of vines and grapes. San Prisco Chapel; early-Christian Period (6th century CE)


    Painting from Safed,Palestine. The story of Abraham and Isaac,beginning in the lower register and ending with the angel halting the sacrifice. The inscription asks to remember "the binding of Isaac" on Rosh Hashanah, the New Year and a day of judgement.Watercolour,55x38


    La Vierge du chancellier Rollin - The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin. Nicolas Rolin is praying, in the background a cityscape with a river,ca.1434 Oil and tempera on wood 66 x 62 cm, INV 1271


    Altar of the Last Supper.Center: last supper, with four members ofthe donors, the Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament; left: Abraham and Melchisedek, bottom:Jewish passah meal; right: collection of manna, bottom: the angel wakes the prophet Elijah. 1464-1468, wood


    Seven large tapestries illustrate the Battle of Pavia in 1525,in which Emperor Charles V.defeated French King Francois I.The French king is helped from his fallen horse by Pomperant,a gentleman follower of the Connetable Charles de Bourbon.Detail of 40-03-09/9.


    Altar of the Seven Sacraments,painted before 1450. Center panel:the Eucharist (a priest lifts the host). Left:baptism,confirmation and confession;right: ordination,marriage and extreme unction.

    40-06-15/ 1

    The calling of Matthew, 1599. Canvas


    Persian dignitary dressed in Persian trousers and Kyrbasia cap (dress of a traveller). Silver statuette from the court of Artaxerxes I (464-424 BCE), Susa, Iran


    Judean exiles carrying provisions. Detail of the Assyrian conquest of the Jewish fortified town of Lachish (battle 701 BCE). Part of a relief from the palace of Sennacherib at Niniveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq)


    Seal of Jeroboam, King of Israel (1000 BCE). Copy of lost original


    Animals inside the Ark. From the MS "Beatus in Apocalipsin" composed around 784 by the abbot of San Martin de Liebano, Spain. The version in hand was illustrated by the monk Emeterio and a nun signed "En Depinctrix" between 970 and 975. Detail of 15-02-01/6.

    15-02-01/ 7

    David and Goliath. From the MS "Psalter of Paris". MS Grec 139, fol.7


    "Scivias"(Know the ways of the Lord) by the German nun and mystic Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179).The book, Codex Rupertsberg,disappeared during WW II.Transparen- cies are from a faksimile.The Fall; Adam who has disobeyed God falls into the black abyss of hell.

    15-02-04/ 3

    The signs of the Zodiac from the mosaic floor of the cathedral of Otranto, southern Italy. November: preparing for winter by chopping fore wood, storing bread, ham and wine. December: killing a bull, fattening a pig. The mosaic was completed in 1166. See also 40-11-24/36-46


    Mosaic in the early Christian chapel under the ranks of seats of the Roman amphitheatre at Durres,Albania. The mosaic on the south wall shows St.Stephen, the first Christian martyr,the Virgin Mary and archangels Michael and Gabriel. Around 750.


    Drunkards in hell,tortured by devils who pour boiling lead and sulphur down their throats. Initial "A". From the "Tresor de Sapience",French,15th.Ms 146/1513.


    Christ Redeemer;around 1393/94


    So-called "Imervard-Cross", a version of the Italian "Volto Santo" Cross from Lucca, where Christ is not depicted as the suffering redeemer, but as Christ-King in ceremonial robe and gold belt. Oakwood, mid-12th


    Emperor Maximilian II (1527-1576) and his family, his wife Maria of Spain, his children Anna, Rudolf and Ernst. Canvas, 240 x 188 cm, 1553 Inv. 3448


    Johann Friedrich,elector Saxony (1503-1554)in armour. Johann Friedrich was the head of the "Schmalkaldischer Bund",the league of protestant princes.In the Battle of Muehlberg the protestant forces lost against the Imperial troops.Canvas,129 x 90,3 cm Inv.533


    Dante and Virgil in the underworld(detail),with a commentary by Guinforte delle Bargigi. Italian,15th. Ms.2017,folio 245.


    Psalter of Saint Louis,1253-1270. MS lat.10525,fol.22 Joseph interprets pharaoh's dream; Pharaoh makes Joseph his chief administrator.


    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1109.Famine,Plague, War and Death,represented by four men riding colourful horses.One rider has a set of scales,two hold swords and one has a bow and arrow.A demon or mythical beast waves its arms,lower right.From the Silos Apocalypse. Add 11695,fol.102 v. Apo 9: 13 - 16


    Rubens at work painting: The Allegory of Peace Canvas; 337 x 414cm Cat. 190


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