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    King Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) in coronation robes. The young king wears the Order du Saint Esprit, in his left hand the scepter of Hugues Capet,the "hand of justice", in his right the scepter with the French lily. Canvas, 137,5 x 105 cm Inv. 3208


    Sword and sheath for the coronation of the Kings of France,said to be that of Charlemagne,105 cm. Ile de France, Gilt silver, copper, precious stones. From the Abbey of St.Denis. MS 84


    Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) as King of Italy Between 1805 and 1810 Canvas, 100 x 75 cm Inv. 2346


    Crown of the Kings of Bohemia. Gold, pearls, precious stones (1346)


    The Eagle Dalmatica worn for the coronation by Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire (Duerer painting of Charlemagne).Chinese damask, purple silk embroidery with medallions and ospreys, eagles with enamel eyes. Around 1300 See 30-01-02/19-22 Inv. XIII 15


    Coronation of Henry IV,1399. From Jean Froissart's Chronicle. Harl.4380.fol.186 v (detail)


    The coronation of Harold II; he receives orb and sceptre. Bayeux Tapestry, embroidery (11th).


    Coronation of Baudoin I, Emperor of Byzantium. Oil on canvas


    The Madonna, detail from the Coronation of the Madonna with five angels (Madonna of the Magnificat). See 40-07-08/49-51 Tondo, tempera on wood. Diameter 115 cm Inv. 1609


    Coronation of David who, in Roman garb, stands on a platform while a Byzantine crown is placed on his head. From the MS "Psalter of Paris". MS Grec 139, fol.6


    Les Grandes Chroniques de France,middle 15th.French, parchment,46,5 x 32,5 cm 441 pages.Probably written and painted in the Abbey of St.Bertin.The coronation of Charlemagne:right Charlemagne is crowned in St.Peter in Rome;left:presents from the king of Persia.Fol.120 v


    Eagles with enamel eyes and image of a prince, from the Eagle Dalamatica worn for the coronation by Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Chinese damask with purple silk embroidery. Around 1300. See 30-01-02/19-22 Size: 160 cm Inv. XIII 15


    The coronation of Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte. Oil on canvas (1806-1807) Detail: Empress Josephine Overall size 621 x 979 cm


    Alb, garment worn for the coronation by Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Yellowish taffeta, gold trimming gold embroidery and pearls. Inscription says Alb was made for Norman King William II by the Royal workshop in Palermo, Sicily. 1181. Inv. XIII 7


    Christ crowning Romanos IV (1068-1071) and Eudokia. Central panel of the triptych. Cover of the Evangelary of Saint John. From Besancon, France


    Tree of Life and a lion killing a camel, detail of the centerpiece of the coronation mantle of Norman King Roger II of Sicily. The kufic inscription gives the Hegira date 528 {1133-1134) See 30-01-02/15-18 Royal workshop, Palermo, Italy. 1133-1134 Inv. XIII 14


    Louis XVI, King of France, born 1754, died under the guillotine 1793. The King is shown here in his coronation robes with the order of the Saint Esprit. Canvas, 275,5 x 193,5 cm, 1779 Inv. 3444


    Coronation of Napoleon I, Empress Josephine on her knees before Napoleon. On the tribune Mme Laetitia, Napoleon's mother, who in reality did not assist at the ceremony in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris. Detail. Oil on canvas, 621 x 979 cm. Inv. 3699


    Sacre de Napoleon (coronation) in Notre-Dame de Paris by Pope Pius VII, December 2,1804. Painted 1806-1807 Canvas,621 x 979 cm Inv. 3699


    The Coronation of the Virgin. Emperor Charlemagne and mythical kings. Left wing of a triptych altar Oil on wood

    40-03-03/ 6

    Sacre de Napoleon (coronation) in Notre-Dame de Paris by Pope Pius VII, December 2,1804. Painted 1806-1807 Canvas,621 x 979 cm Inv. 3699

    39-15-04/ 1

    Coronation chair.


    Napoleon I in coronation robes.


    The Coronation of the Hero of Virtue, 1612 Canvas, 221,5 x 200,5 cm Cat. 997

    40-04-01/ 9

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