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    Your search results for "Music And Drama" (2568 images)
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    Apollo (with lyre) and Artemis sacrificing over a fire burning on an altar. Red-figured Attic hydria, 490-480 BCE Terracotta, height: 40.5 cm, diam.: 35.3 cm


    Tribute of the desert. Thebes, tomb of Horemhab, No.78 Period of Tuthmosis IV (1420-1411 BCE) Ancient Egyptian Paintings selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davies; plate XXXV


    Trojan Horse. Scenes from the Trojan War on the neck of an earthenware amphora (around 670 BCE) Total height 143 cm

    10-01-02/ 4

    Fancy-dress ball in Bonn's Residence Theatre (1754). Clemens August, Prince Elector and Archbishop of Cologne as host. Beethoven's grandfather among the musicians and Giacomo Casanova on the balustrade.


    Musical instruments from a Book of Songs. Illuminated manuscript; 13th century.

    03-08-06/ 2

    Allegories of taste, hearing and touch Canvas; 176 x 264cm Cat. 1404


    Ceremony of the cult of Isis; priests with typical fringed tunics holding sistra; a priest fans the flames on a garlanded altar. Two sacred ibis-birds in the foreground. From Herculaneum. Fourth style, 80 x 85 cm Inv. 8924


    Hades and Persephone in their palace in the underworld. Monumental southern Italian Greek vase (330 BCE) from Canossa in Apulia, Italy.


    Le musicien d'Amon Djedkhonsouiouefankh joue de la harpe devant le dieu Re-Horakhty. Il chante: "Adorer Re quand il brille." The musician of God Amon, Djedkhonsouiouefankh, playing lute before God Re-Harakhte. He sings: "Let's adore Re when he shines." 1069-664 BCE, Third intermediate Period Painted wood; 29,50 x 22,40cm N 3657


    Conductor Herbert von Karajan (5.4.1908 - 16.7.1989) recording Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37 with the Berlin Philharmonic and the pianist Glenn Gould. Concert Hall of the Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin, Germany, 24 to 26 May 1957.


    The prodigal son, 1637 Canvas, 122,5 x 184 cm Inv. 7024


    A symposion (a festive meal), guests drinking from rhytons, a girl playing the flute. Red-figured Attic terracotta bell-crater (4th BCE) Inv. IV 910

    10-03-02/ 7

    Orpheus, Eurydice, and Hermes. Marble relief (1st-3rd CE) Roman copy after a Greek original of 420 BCE. 122 x 90 cm MA 854


    King David playing the harp surrounded by his musicians. Psalter, 12th century.


    Wedding concert for Emperor Joseph II and Isabella of Parma;serenade in the Redoutensaal in Vienna's Imperial Palace,October 6th, 1760. Oil on canvas 300 x 390 cm


    Woman at the loom,behind her a woman spinning and, facing her,a female musician and two women with raised arms.Detail of an earthenware vessel with stamp decoration from Sopron, Hungary. See 07-01-03/16, also 07-01-03/16. Overall height: 41.5 cm


    Orpheus and Euridice with Pluto and Proserpina. Canvas,194 x 245 cm Inv.1667 Painted for the "Torre de La Parada".


    A sheet-bronze tintinnabulum (musical instrument) with figurative ornamentation from the "Tomba degli ori", Arsenale Militare, Bologna.


    Woman on a rock with a violin and another with a large kithara, a little Eros at her side. Terracotta figurines from Aigina, Greece, Tanagrian influence (ca. 360 BCE). (Size of the musician 22 cm - CA 574) CA 798


    "All creation praises the Lord", the nine choirs of the angels,from "Liber Scivias" (Know the ways of the Lord) by German mystic Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179).The book with 35 full-page miniatures, disappeared during WW II. Transparency is made from a faksimile copy.

    15-02-04/ 9

    The Wedding at Cana. Photograph after restoration. From the Benedictine Convent of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Canvas (1562-1563), 666 x 990 cm Inv. 142


    Apollo and Daphne, 1846. Apollo pursues the nymph Daphne, who prays for help and is turned into a laurel tree (Daphne = Greek laurel) Canvas, 53 x 35,5 cm R.F.3870


    Manesse Codex (sheet 13r): Margrave Otto IV of Brandenburg (1266-1309) carries the surname "mit dem pfile -with the arrow". He was hit in the head by an arrow during the seige of Staß an der Bode and kept the arrow in his wound for over a year because of his mistrust in the physicians. The Manesse Codex or Grosse Heidelberger Liederhandschrift (Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg Library, Cod. Pal. germ. 848) is a book copied and illustrated between 1305-1340 in Zürich, presumably compiled by Johannes Hadlaub. It contains love songs in Middle High German by important poets, several of whom were famous rulers. The term for these poets, Minnesänger, combines the words for "romantic love" and "singer", reflecting the content of the poetry, which adapted the Provençal troubador tradition to German. This manuscript has 137 portraits of the authors which depict each poet, some of them as idealized knights, dressed in their own heraldic colors and devices, making it possible for readers to identify them.


    The music room in Versailles, piano and music sheets of Empress Marie-Louise, second wife of Napoleon I.


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