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    Your search results for "Fine Arts" (17491 images)
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    The conquest of Mexico - The arrival of Cortés in Veracruz and the reception by Moctezuma's Ambassadors. Oil on canvas; 120 x 200 cm.


    Emperor Karl V (1500-1558), in whose realm, stretching from Eastern Europe to Latin America, 'the sun never set'.Contemporary copy after Titian. Canvas, 110 x 91 cm Inv. 8060


    Josephine Beauharnais,Empress,first wife of Emperor Napoleon I.


    The Adoration of the shepherds, 1476. Center piece of the Portinari Altar. Tempera on wood,253 x 304 cm Inv.3191 See also 40-01-01/9-13

    40-01-01/ 8

    The Transfiguration of Christ. Oil on wood, 1520. The side wings representing the portraits of the donors (Anselmus de Boodt, Johanna Voet) and their children were executed by Pieter Pourbus (1523-1587) in 1573.


    Nude pleating her hair. 1907 Canvas, 90 x 60 cm

    40-06-03/ 7

    The conversion of Saint Paul - Paulussturz. Canvas, 177,5 x 128,5 cm Inv. 2035


    Le 28 Juillet; la Liberte guidant le peuple. July 28th 1830; Liberty guides the people. Oil on canvas, 260 x 325 cm. Painted 1830. R.F. 129


    Reverse side of the throne of Pharaoh Tutankhamun (1346-1337 BCE) with four golden uraeus cobra figures. Gold with lapis lazuli; Valley of the Kings, Thebes. 1347-37 BCE, New Kingdom (18th dynasty).


    Aphrodite, called "Venus Genetrix". Roman copy of an original of the 5th BCE, late 1st or early 2nd. Paros Marble,H:164 cm MA 525


    Arlecchina. Commedia dell'arte. From "Masques et bouffons" by Maurice Sand. Etching; 19th century.

    03-08-07/ 6

    Flying horse, one leg resting on a swallow. Bronze figure, excavated 1969 at Wu-Wai, Gansu, China. Eastern Han Dynasty (2nd CE) 34.5 x 45 cm


    Venus of Willendorf. Carved out of limestone, 11cm tall, discovered at an excavation in Willendorf, Lower Austria on 7 August 1908. One of the many female statuettes, nicknamed "Venus" figurines, that were made of stone, bone and ivory in the Upper Palaeolithic, 28.000 to 12.000 BCE. Statuettes with similar features - symmetrical posture, large breasts, abdomen and buttocks, reduced arms and feet, no face - were found throuout Europe, from western France to Siberia. Their purpose and meaning to the palaeolithic hunters and gatherers is subject to much speculation. The interpretations range from stone age sex symbol and mother godess to talisman, shaman and ancestor cult object, dependig on the interpreter and his or her social and political background.


    Male head, "tete Salt" Painted limestone Old Kingdom, 4th - 5th dynasty Inv. N 2289


    God Baal of the thunderstorm, gilded bronze idol, with an Egyptian-style crown. From Minet-el-Beida, the port of ancient Ugarit (Ras Shamra, Syria). Bronze and gold, H: 17,9 cm AO 11 598


    Aphrodite of Knidos, antique replica of an original by Praxiteles. See 10-01-07/61 Marble (original around 350 BCE) Ma 2184


    Sanssouci Palace follows the French fashion of a one- storey house, the "Maison de Plaisance", with a double row of rooms running the length of the building. The "small gallery" which housed part of King Frederic II's collection of paintings and sculpture.

    14-02-04/ 4

    Pentateuch of Tours: the story of Laban. Tents of Jacob in the upper part, camel caravan and the servants of the families in foreground. Origin doubtful: Spain, Italy, Northern Africa, Palestine? Nouv. Aqu. Latines 2334, folio 30.


    La marquise de Pompadour (1721-1764),influential mistress of King Louis XV. In this portrait she is surrounded by books and drawings, a reminder of her role as patron and protector of Letters and Arts. Pastel on bluish paper, 175 x 128cm. Inv. 27614


    Venus before a mirror. Wood (1614/1615) 124 x 98 cm Inv. 120


    Apollo and Daphne. Apollo pursues the nymph Daphne, who prays for help and is turned into a laurel-tree. (Daphne = Greek laurel) Canvas, 96 x 79 cm R.F. 2107


    Saint Theresa of Avila, 1827 Canvas, 172 x 96 cm


    Ulysses and Leucothea. Oil on canvas Triptych

    40-17-03/ 9

    Bronze cult-wagon with a man on horseback and animals (9th-5th BCE), from Merida, Spain. See also 07-02-01/14


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