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    Your search results for "Fine Arts" (17491 images)
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    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Revelation of Saint John (Apocalypse, III. Figure). Around 1497/98. Woodcut, 396 x 283mm. (monogrammed)


    Triad of Osorkon (Isis, Osiris, and Horus). Gold and lapis lazuli figures. H: 9 cm 22nd Dynasty (874-850 BCE), New Kingdom E 6204


    Bronze statue of a man with headband, More than life-size, found 1972 in the bay of Riace, Calabria,Italy. Probably a votive statue from the sanctuary at Delphi, shipwrecked on the Italian coast. Greek original possibly by Phidias (around 460 BCE).


    Hercules, Dejaneira and the dead centaur Nessus, 1580. Nessus tries to abduct Hercules' wife Dejaneira, Hercules kills Nessus with a poisoned arrow. Canvas, 112 x 82 cm Inv. 2613


    Ferdinando de' Medici with his musicians,after 1687. Canvas,139 x 221 cm Inv.1890,Nr.2808


    The Turkish Bath. Canvas on wood (1862) Diameter 110 cm RF 1934


    Poseidon with his trident. Bronze statuette (2nd BCE). Loeb Collection 15


    On the occasion of the Peacetreaty of Nijmegen, 1678, King Louis XIV (center) receives foreign ambassadors. To the right of the King Mme. de Montespan and his ministers Jean-Baptiste Colbert and the Duke of Vivonne Oil on canvas, 70 x 116,5 cm, Inv. 709


    Pallas Athene. Oil on canvas (1898) 75 x 75 cm


    Cattle gathered next to a group of huts represented by white ovals. Behind a line of calves tethered to a rope are a group of women and children working. Fresco from Tassili N'Ajjer. Henri Lhote Collection


    The battle of Juetland (Skagerrak), between the British Grand Fleet with 37 battleships under Admiral Jellicoe and the German fleet with 20 battleships under Admiral Scheer. May 31 to June 1, 1916. Watercolour painted during the battle.

    17-02-01/ 4

    Composition, VII, 1913

    39-16-06/ 6

    The Annunciation 1785 Canvas; 280 x 117 cm Colección Particular, Spain


    Karl V with his son Philipp II Canvas


    Madonna Sistina, painted for Pope Julius II as his present to the city of Piazenza, Italy. The church at Piazenza was dedicated to the sainted Pope Sixtus (left), on the right Saint Barbara. 1513–1514 Oil on canvas, 265 cm × 196 cm Inv. 93


    Venus, Cupid and an organist. Canvas (around 1550) 148 x 217 cm


    Gabrielle d'Estree and one of her sisters,the Duchesse de de Villars,1594. Oil on wood 96 x 125 cm RF 1937-1


    The Code of Hammurabi (1792-1750 BCE), 282 laws. Hammurabi standing before the sun-god Shamash. Engraved black basalt stele (1st half 19th BCE, 1st Babylonian Dynasty). Engraved in cuneiform letters. Originally from Babylon, found at Susa, Iran. Height 225 cm


    Athena with cist and Erechthonios snake. Copy of an original by Cephisodotos, found in Crete, Greece. Stone figure (4th BCE), height 140 cm MA 847


    She-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus (mythical founders of Rome). Bronze group probably cast by the Etruscan Vulca in Veji (550 BCE) based on a Hellenistic-Ionian model. The twins werde added during the Renaissance.

    10-04-01/ 1

    Sketches for the Frieze in the Palais Stoclet in Brussels,Belgium. Watercolour and pencil.


    Minerva's victory over Ignorance. Goddess Minerva, in gold helmet and seductive armour, puts her foot on the neck of a shackled, donkey-eared Ignorance. She is surrounded by muses and allegorical figures. Oil on canvas, 153 x 117 cm Inv.1133


    Cambyses and Psammetich. Persian King Cambyses II conquered Egypt in 525 BCE and overthrew Pharaoh Psammetich III of the 26th dynasty. Canvas, 114 x 211 cm Inv.5255


    Majnun recognised by Layla's dog Page of a manuscript of "Layla and Majnun" Uzbekistan, Bukhara, around 1560 Gouache and gold on paper; 19,1cm x 11cm MAO 713


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