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    Your search results for "Fine Arts" (17491 images)
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    The Sungod Shamash receiving homage from three small figures. His emblem, the Solar disk, appears on the altar. The tablet was dedicated by a Babylonian king of the 9th BCE, who restored the temple of Shamash in Sippar. Positive cast from the original mould


    Incense stand decorated with coiling serpents. The air flowing through the holes in the stand facilitated the burning of the incense in a bowl set on top of the stand. Pottery, from Beit Shan


    Goddess Athena. Marble bust (2nd-1st BCE) Roman copy of a Greek original of the 5th BCE found in the Villa of Hadrian, Rome, Italy Height 96.5 cm - Inv. I 168


    Head of man with headband, detail of 10-01-5/29,30. A more than life-size bronze statue found in the bay of Riace,Calabria,Italy, in 1972. Probably a votive statue from the sanctuary at Delphi,shipwrecked on the Italian coast. Greek original possibly by Phidias (460 BCE).


    Female musician playing a tambourine. Bronze statuette (2nd BCE) from Alexandria, Egypt. Height 24 cm MA 393


    Venus d'Arles. Roman copy after an original by Praxiteles (around 350 BCE), found at the theatre in Arles, France. Marble. M.A. 439


    Juno Ludovisi. Marble head Cat. 190

    10-05-01/ 7

    Deadly contest between lion, lioness, and gladiators. Circus scene. Terracotta bas-relief Campana Collection


    Duel (fencing) of knights. Illustration of "Theuerdank", an epic tale by Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519), in which he tells how he wooed and wed his wife Marie de Bourgogne. Augsburg, 1517


    Franz Schubert (1797-1828) Oil on canvas

    25-01-02/ 3

    Cavalcade celebrating the coronation of Emperor Karl V in Bologna,1530.Page shows Pope Clement VII and Emperor Karl V riding side by side under a canopy. Coloured woodcut on parchment,one of 23 pages. 480 c 50 cm Inv.V.IV.1.3.


    Painting from Safed,Palestine. The story of Abraham and Isaac,beginning in the lower register and ending with the angel halting the sacrifice. The inscription asks to remember "the binding of Isaac" on Rosh Hashanah, the New Year and a day of judgement.Watercolour,55x38


    La femme au miroir - The girl and the mirror Around 1515 Canvas; 99 x 76cm Inv. 755


    Corbeille de fleurs avec piédestal sur fond de parc - A basket of flowers on a pedestal in a park. Wood, 63 cm x 53cm. INV. 1386


    La parfaite Réconciliation de la reine et de son fils, après la mort du Connétable de Luynes, le 15 décembre 1621, dit autrefois L'Entrevue de Marie de Médicis et de son fils [à Coussières, près de Tours, le 5 septembre 1619], ou encore La Paix confirmée dans le Ciel. Canvas, 394cm x 295cm. INV. 1788

    39-19-10/ 4

    La Vierge du chancellier Rollin - The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin. Nicolas Rolin is praying, in the background a cityscape with a river,ca.1434 Oil and tempera on wood 66 x 62 cm, INV 1271


    Suendenfall - The Fall, 1593-1595 Canvas, 126 x 79 cm Inv. 2417


    The Peasants' Wedding. Oil on oakwood (1568) Size 114 x 164 cm Cat. 55, Inv. 1027


    Andromeda liberated by Perseus,Rubens' last painting, finished by Jordaens.Andromeda still tied to the rock; Perseus in 17th century armour;Amor and a putto with torch above the couple.Painted 1686. Canvas,265 x 160 cm Cat.1663


    Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, with Teniers' self-portrait, among his art works in the archduke's gallery in Brussels. First version (1651) Oil on canvas, 123 x 163 cm Cat. 378, Inv. 739


    Persee secourant Andromede - Perseus rescues Andromeda. She was tied to a rock to be devoured by a sea-monster, but Perseus, riding Pegasus, delivered and married her. Canvas,180 x 150 cm, painted 1611. RF 1982-51


    Der Liebeszauber (Love potion). A naked girl draws sparks from a flint and drips water on a wax heart to conjure up her lover who appears suddenly in the door. Fire in the chimney, flowers, a parrot and a dog are further symbols. Tempera on copper beech. 23.8 x 17 cm.


    Adoration of the shepherds, 1646 Canvas


    The milkmaid,1658-1660 Canvas


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