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    Your search results for "Fine Arts" (17491 images)
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    The Annunciation. Fresco (1482)


    Clay model of a sheep's liver (used by experts in divination). Old Babylonian, about 1900-1600 BCE Probably from Sippar, southern Iraq. Length: 14.6 cm Width: 14.6 cm ANE 92668 The Babylonians believed that the world was controlled by gods and that they could give indications of coming events. One of the most widespread means of prediction was the liver omen, in which a sheep was killed and its liver and lungs examined by a specialist priest, the baru. He would ask a particular question and the answer would be supplied by the interpretation of individual markings or overall shape of the liver and lungs. One could then take steps to avoid danger. On this model each box describes the implications of a blemish appearing at this position. Earlier model livers are known from the site of Mari on the Euphrates. We know from ancient texts that the baru was one of the most important scholars in Mesopotamia. He had to be the descendant of a free man and healthy in body and mind. The baru played an important part in decision making at all levels but particularly where the king was concerned. No military campaign, building work, appointment of an official, or matters of the king's health would be undertaken without consulting the baru.


    The Royal Ka, guardian spirit of Tutankhamun. Statue, red wood, gilded bronze. 1352 BCE, 18th dyn. From the tomb of Tutankhamun, Thebes. Close-up of 08-01-02/56


    High-ranking official. Bronze statue, Middle Kingdom (before 18th BCE), Egypt. E 27 153


    Two gypsum statuettes with folded hands A) Male figure, height 72 cm - Nr. 19752 B) Female figure, height 59 cm - Nr. 19751 From Eshnunna (Tel Asmar),from the "temple carre" of the God Abu.

    08-02-01/ 6

    Two wrestlers. Bronze statuettes (2nd BCE) from Alexandria, Egypt. Height 14.6 cm Br 4441


    Aphrodite of Knidos, antique replica of an original by Praxiteles. See 10-01-07/60 Marble (original around 350 BCE) Ma 2184


    Venus d'Arles. Roman copy after an original by Praxiteles (around 350 BCE), found at the theatre in Arles, France. Marble. M.A. 439


    Interior of a mosque.Miniature painting from al Hariri's Maqamat(Assemblies, or Entertaining dialogues.Iraq,around 1240 MS C-23. 26,5 x 21,5 cm


    Marguerite de Valois ("La Reine Margot),1553-1615, dancing la Volta at the Valois Court. Canvas

    25-01-07/ 9

    Empress Maria Theresia (1717-1780) in a robe of Brussels lace, a present from the estates of Flanders. Oil on canvas


    The salon of Princess Mathilde, daughter of king Jerome and Queen Catherine of Wuerttemberg, at the rue de Courcelle in Paris, 1859. Oil on canvas.


    Queen Marie-Antoinette,1788.


    Entry of Napoleon into Berlin,October 27,1806. Canvas,1810


    18th and 19th century erotic books owned by author and art collector Roger Peyrefitte were auctioned off and dispersed in 1981.Engravings from a 1789 special edition of "La Pucelle d'Orleans",Voltaire's blas- phemous satyre about the life and loves of Joan of Arc.

    33-01-05/ 4

    Suendenfall - The Fall, 1593-1595 Canvas, 126 x 79 cm Inv. 2417


    Andromeda liberated by Perseus,Rubens' last painting, finished by Jordaens.Andromeda still tied to the rock; Perseus in 17th century armour;Amor and a putto with torch above the couple.Painted 1686. Canvas,265 x 160 cm Cat.1663


    Dulle Griet - Mad Meg. Oil on oakwood (1562-1566) 117 x 162 cm


    Persistencia de la memoria, 1931 Persistance of memory.


    Adoration of the shepherds, 1646 Canvas


    The Cornaro Chapel in the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome, Italy, with Gianlorenzo Bernini's ecstasy of Saint Theresa.


    Pieta. 1545 Canvas, 185 x 150 cm


    Leda and the swan,1512 Wood,55 x 40 cm Inv.1556


    The return of Christopher Columbus;his audience before King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the "Catholic" rulers. Oil on canvas (1839) 90.4 x 118.3 cm


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