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    Your search results for "Fine Arts" (17491 images)
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    Emperor Charlemagne and his wife. Detail from an illuminated manuscript page


    Archangel Michael. Detail of the antependium Pala d'Oro from Constantinople (ca. 1100) Gold, enamel, and precious stones Overall size: 140 x 350 cm


    Countess Uta. donor figure from the west-choir of Naumburg Cathedral.


    The Battle of Austerlitz,December 2,1805 (detail). Painted 1810.


    Diana's bath (1704) - Detail Ivories by Balthasar Permoser Gold, silver, enamel, diamonds, chalcedony; H: 38 cm


    Goddess Athena disguises Ulysses as beggar Canvas


    Immaculate conception 198 x 124cm Cat. 1627

    39-19-04/ 1

    The fountain of Grace and the triumph of the Church over the Synagogue Wood; 181 x 116cm Cat. 1511


    The battle on the White Mountain near Prague, 1620 ("Die Schlacht am Weissen Berge"), a battle early in the Thirty-Years War in which Friedrich V, Bohemian King and protestant,lost against the Catholic league under General Tilly. Canvas, 43,5 x 67 cm INV. 1843

    40-02-02/ 8

    The painter (Vermeer's self-portrait) and his model as Klio. Oil on canvas (1665-1666) 120 x 100 cm Cat. 395, Inv. 9128


    The Ghent altar - polyptique de l'agneau mystique,1432 Top center:God Father with John Baptist and the Virgin. Lower half,center:the adoration of the mystic lamb by angels and by saintly personages from the Old and New Testament;Side panels:Adam and Eve;pilgrims,hermits.


    The Uriah letter. Bathsheba and her servant girls bathing. Detail of 40-07-06/17 Poplar wood, total painting 85 x 172 cm Inv. 75


    The triumph of Venus, worshipped by six legendary lovers (Achilles, Tristan, Lancelot, Samson, Paris and Troilus), first half 15th."Desco da parto - support for giving birth. Diameter: 51 cm R.F.2089

    40-08-08/ 1

    Psyche received in the Olymp. Psyche loves Amor; Venus hates and persecutes her, but Psyche's true love finally gains her admittance to the gods in Olymp and reunion with her beloved Amor. 1524 Wood, 104,5 x 160,5 cm INV. 135


    Archduchess Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), wife of King Louis XVI, died on the guillotine. Inv. GG 2132


    The execution of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico June 19, 1867 Oil on canvas, 1867


    Le debarquement de Cleopatre a Tarsus a la rencontre de Marc Antoine - Cleopatra disembarking at Tarsus to meet Mark Anthony. Companion piece to INV.4717 (40-11-11/20) Canvas, 119 x 168 cm INV. 4716

    40-11-08/ 7

    Alexandre et Porus - Alexander the Great and Porus, King of India, 1673 Canvas, 470 x 1264 cm INV.2897


    The Dream,Boisgeloup,January 24 1932. Oil on canvas,130 x 98 cm


    The Annunciation. Fresco (1482)


    Clay model of a sheep's liver (used by experts in divination). Old Babylonian, about 1900-1600 BCE Probably from Sippar, southern Iraq. Length: 14.6 cm Width: 14.6 cm ANE 92668 The Babylonians believed that the world was controlled by gods and that they could give indications of coming events. One of the most widespread means of prediction was the liver omen, in which a sheep was killed and its liver and lungs examined by a specialist priest, the baru. He would ask a particular question and the answer would be supplied by the interpretation of individual markings or overall shape of the liver and lungs. One could then take steps to avoid danger. On this model each box describes the implications of a blemish appearing at this position. Earlier model livers are known from the site of Mari on the Euphrates. We know from ancient texts that the baru was one of the most important scholars in Mesopotamia. He had to be the descendant of a free man and healthy in body and mind. The baru played an important part in decision making at all levels but particularly where the king was concerned. No military campaign, building work, appointment of an official, or matters of the king's health would be undertaken without consulting the baru.


    Attic marble figure of Apollo, known as the Munich Kouros; 540-530 BCE.


    Apollo of Veio. Etruscan, terracotta; 6th century BCE. See also 03-05-06/41 and 03-05-01/13


    The Royal Ka, guardian spirit of Tutankhamun. Statue, red wood, gilded bronze. 1352 BCE, 18th dyn. From the tomb of Tutankhamun, Thebes. Close-up of 08-01-02/56


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