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    Your search results for "Fine Arts" (17491 images)
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    The Battle of San Romano in 1432.The Condottiere Niccolo da Tolentino leading the Florentine forces against Siena,1450-1460. Egg tempera on poplar, 181,6 x 320 cm NG 583

    40-14-01/ 4

    A delegation of foreigners visit the market in Constantinople Turkish miniature painting; 1710


    Kudurru of Babylonian king Melishishu II (1202-1188) showing emblems of the chief gods Anu,Enlil and Ea; above them the crescent of the moon god, the star of Ishtar and the sun of Shamash. At the bottom snake and scorpion of the underworld. Limestone, 68x30 cm Sb 22


    Bull with horns of gilded wood. Black steatite rhyton (1700-1400 BCE).


    Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, summer residence of the Habsburg Emperors. Mirror and fireplace in the "Million-room", so called because of the expensive Indo-Persian miniature paintings set into the ornate wainscot. Around 1760


    Sanssouci Palace, country seat of King Frederic II of Prussia. The "Voltaire-room" where the French philosopher lived during his stay with the king. Ornamental woodwork on the bright-yellow walls: a garland of flowers, two parrots perched on rings.


    The annunciation made to Mary, inside the initial "G" for "gaude" (be happy). From a Liber Viaticus, a traveller's prayer book. 319 sheets, 42,5 x 31 cm Archives of Hradcany Castle,Fundus Metropolitan Chapter


    Eleanor of Portugal (1434-1467), wife of Emperor Friedrich III. The Empress wears the crown of her coronation in 1452. On the arm of her chair the arms of Austria and Portugal. Dress: Italian velvet with pomegranate design. Wood, 79 x 51,1 cm, Inv. 4399

    26-01-01/ 2

    Princess Mathilde (1820-1904),daughter of Napoleon's brother Jerome,King of Westphalia.Very close to her cousin,Emperor Napoleon III.,she had a famous,literary salon in Paris. Canvas, 1961


    Megillat Esther, the biblical Book Esther read during the Purim festival. Queen Esther gives birth to King Cyrus, one of the many local additions to the original. Judeo-Persian epic, written 1322 by a Jewish poet from Shiraz. Paper, 164 leaves, 24,5 x 18,5 cm


    Saint Clara between priests and churchfathers (Saint Ambrosius, Saint Augustine, Pope Gregory I, Saint Thomas Aquinus, Saint Jerome, Saint Norbert of Xanten) Cat. 1695 Saint Ambrosius Dec.7th Saint Augustine August 28th Saint Thomas Aquinus December 21st Saint Jerome Sept.30 Saint Norbert of Xanten June 6th

    39-19-04/ 5

    Diana and her nymphs discovered by satyrs. Wildens and Snayers collaborated in this painting,providing animals and landscape. Around 1635 Canvas, 136 x 165 cm Cat.1665


    The Last Judgement. Triptych, central panel, detail Oil on oakwood Inv. 4 E


    Catherine of Aragon, (1485-1536), daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and first wife of King Henry VIII. The Pope's refusal to let the King divorce her, led to the separation of the Anglican from the Catholic Church. Oakwood, 29x20.5 cm Inv.561


    Maria Christina de Bourbon (de las Dos Sicilias) (1806-1878),fourth wife of Fernando VII. Canvas


    Adam and Eve.


    La Vierge aux rochers - The Madonna of the Rocks, 1483. Wood transposed onto canvas, 199cm x 122 cm. Inv. 777

    40-07-02/ 5

    Madonna and child. Around 1660 Oil on canvas, 66,5 x 54,5 cm Inv. 127


    Diane chasseresse - Diana hunting. The Diana is Diane de Poitiers. The painting was inspired by a bronze by Primaticcio. Oil on canvas Inv. 455

    40-11-04/ 5

    Venus Anadyomene. Oil on cardboard, 31,5 x 20 cm M.I.726


    Nympheas (Waterlilies) Oil on canvas 82 x 102 cm Inv. 89


    The Scream, 1893 Tempera and pastels on cardboard 91 x 73,5cm MM M 514


    Composition with red,blue and yellow.


    Der Bannertraeger - Adolf Hitler as standard-bearer Canvas, 1934


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