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    Your search results for "Fine Arts" (17491 images)
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    The drunken Hercules, House of the Stags, Herculaneum, Italy.


    Four Astarte figurines, supporting their breasts with hands. Israelite, from Lachish and Ein Shemesh. Terracotta, pillar-type (1000-600 BCE) Iron Age II Inv. 370-373


    Goddess Astarte, from the Gaza Strip, Israel. Pottery figurine Height 16 cm


    Statue of Athena, 1st century copy of an original by Myron (mid 5th BCE). Marble, from the gardens of Lucullus in Rome, Italy Height 173 cm

    10-01-06/ 7

    Caricature on the "dancing" Congress of Vienna, from left to right:Talleyrand,Lord Castlereagh,Emperor Franz I.,Tsar Alexander I,Friedrich Wilhelm III, Friedrich August I and a personification of the Republic of Genoa.Colour engraving.


    The Defeat of Sennacherib, King of Assur. Oakwood, 98 x 123 cm Cat. 326


    Charon crossing the Styx.Paradise to the left, with two angels,to the right hell with Cerberus and hellfire. Between the two, Charon in his boat ferrying a soul. Wood, 64 x 103 cm Inv. 1616


    Orpheus and Euridice in the Underworld. Canvas,78 x 78 cm Inv.485


    Les Trois Graces - the Three Graces. Canvas


    Diana and Callisto. Oil on canvas (1568) Size: 183 x 200 cm Cat. 723, Inv. 71


    Amor and Psyche. Marble


    The birth of Venus (Venus Anadyomene). Detail, see 40-07-10/6-11. Tempera on canvas (around 1486) Total size 175 x 278 cm Inv. 878

    40-07-10/ 6

    Drawbridge at Arles with a group of washerwomen (pont de Langlois, Arles, France) Oil on canvas, 1888 Cat. No. 221


    Death of Cleopatra. Canvas,200 x 290 cm


    Rosenkranzmadonna - The Feast of the Rose Garland Oil on wood (1506)

    40-13-02/ 6

    The Battle of San Romano in 1432.The Condottiere Niccolo da Tolentino leading the Florentine forces against Siena,1450-1460. Egg tempera on poplar, 181,6 x 320 cm NG 583

    40-14-01/ 4

    Clay female figurine sitting on a cushion. The lower part of the body appears realisticly modeled, while the neck and head are unproportionally elongated. Painted decor on the head. Settlement tumulus; Late Neolithic (Karanovo III-IV). Height: 12cm


    A delegation of foreigners visit the market in Constantinople Turkish miniature painting; 1710


    Bull with horns of gilded wood. Black steatite rhyton (1700-1400 BCE).


    Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, summer residence of the Habsburg Emperors. "Million-room", so called because of the expensive Indo-Persian miniature- paintings set into the ornate wainscot. Around 1760


    Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, summer residence of the Habsburg Emperors. Mirror and fireplace in the "Million-room", so called because of the expensive Indo-Persian miniature paintings set into the ornate wainscot. Around 1760


    Sanssouci Palace, country seat of King Frederic II of Prussia. The "Voltaire-room" where the French philosopher lived during his stay with the king. Ornamental woodwork on the bright-yellow walls: a garland of flowers, two parrots perched on rings.


    The Ark floats on a rising flood which engulfs all man- kind. From MS "Beatus in Apocalipsin" composed around 784 by the abbot of Saint Martin de Liebano, Spain. The version in hand was illustrated by the monk Emeterio and a nun signed "En Depinctrix" between 970 and 975.

    15-02-01/ 6

    Eleanor of Portugal (1434-1467), wife of Emperor Friedrich III. The Empress wears the crown of her coronation in 1452. On the arm of her chair the arms of Austria and Portugal. Dress: Italian velvet with pomegranate design. Wood, 79 x 51,1 cm, Inv. 4399

    26-01-01/ 2

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