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    Your search results for "Shepherds And Angles" (27 images)
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    Nativity, Baptism, and Crucifixion. Ivory plaque


    Holy Night. Around 1495 Oakwood, 57 x 41 cm Inv.904


    Die Heilige Nacht. Holy Night. Triptych, left shutter: the shepherds (133.5 x 49 cm); right shutter: singing angels (133.5 x 49 cm); centre: Nativity (134 x 117 cm). Inv. 2417, 2418, 2419


    La nativite de Jesus et l'annonce aux bergers. - Nativity and the Annunciation to the shepherds. Painted for the Oratorio de Greco Milanese, near Milan. Mural, 222 x 165 cm MI 1713


    The Nativity and adoration of the shepherds. Oil on canvas (ca. 1576-1581) 542 x 455 cm

    40-07-03/ 1

    Psalter of Ingeburg of Denmark,France,around 1210. MS 9/1695, fol.16 verso Annunciation to the shepherds; Presentation in the Temple.

    32-01-04/ 6

    Announcement to the shepherds. Detail of the mosaic "The Nativity" 15-03-03/19.


    The Announcement to the Shepherds. Detail from the mosaic "The Nativity" 15-03-03/19.


    Triptych of Jan Floreins. Center: Adoration of the Magi; left wing: birth; right wing:presentation in the temple.Commissioned by brother Jan Floreins for a side altar of St.John's Hospital. 1479 Oak, 46,3 x 57,4 cm, wings 48 x 25 cm Inv.o.sj173.1


    L'annonce aux bergers, 1639 - The annunciation to the shepherds. Canvas, 160 x 196 cm INV 1291


    "The Manger", traditionally the birthplace of Jesus in the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Israel


    Annunciation to the shepherds. 1760 Beechwood, 40 x 52 cm Inv. 1181


    Les bergers conduits par l'etoile se rendent a Bethlehem - The shepherds follow the star to Bethlehem. Canvas RF 1991-14


    Nativity. Saint Mary asleep; a ray of light falls from heaven onto the child; angels and shepherds. Foreground left: washing the child; right: St.Joseph. Exonarthex

    15-03-08/ 7

    Altar called "Infancy altar".Center:Nativity; left:Annunciation;right:Circumcision;above the manger the arrival of the Three Magi and God Father with angels.


    The annunciation to the shepherds. Ceiling fresco, Church of San Isidoro, Leon, Spain. 13th century

    40-06-08/ 3

    Nativity Wood,166 x 166 cm Center panel of an altar painted for the Church of Sta. Marherita in Prato. INV.338

    40-08-06/ 5

    Adoration of the Child. Cardinal Jean Rolin, the donor, kneeling right. Wood, second half 15th.

    40-12-08/ 1

    Nativity,around 1475 From the chapel of the Three Magi (Drei Koenigskapelle) in Baden, Aargau, Switzerland. Inv. D 108


    The Annunciation to the shepherds. Canvas, 116 x 94 cm


    Scenes from the life of Christ:The annunciation to the shepherds.


    Valley and hill near Bethlehem,Palestinian A. Bethlehem means "The House of Bread" - indicates lively agricultural activity in biblical days


    "The Manger", traditionally the birthplace of Jesus in the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Israel


    Manger,used in the monastery church during Christmas services.Detail. Woodcarving,around 1760.


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