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    Nativity. Tempera on oakwood 27 x 38 cm

    40-01-01/ 4

    Nativity. Detail from an altar. Tempera on wood 75 x 92 cm

    40-01-01/ 5

    Queen Mary of England (Mary Tudor,1516-1558), second wife of Philip II of Spain. Wood,109 x 84 cm Cat.2108


    David playing the harp before Saul. Oil on canvas (1657) 131 x 164 cm


    Maria de'Medici, Queen of France (1573-1642), wife of King Henri IV. Painted 1609 Canvas, 307 x 186 cm INV 1710


    Emperor Karl V Inv. 4496


    Les enfants d'Edouard IV - The Children of Edward IV in the Tower. According to Shakespeare and Thomas Morus, but not confirmed by modern historians, the boys, Edward V and Richard, were murdered by their uncle, King Richard III. Oil on canvas (1830) - 181 x 215 cm Inv. 3834


    Statue of Ashurnasirpal II (883-859 BCE), from Nimrud, northern Iraq. It was placed in the temple of Ishtar Sharrat- niphi to remind the goddess Ishtar of the king's piety. Made of magnesite on a pedestal of reddish stone. In his right hand Ashurnsirpal holds a sickle,to fight monsters, the mace in his left hand shows his authority as vice-regent of the supreme god Ashur. ANE, 118871


    Timur's envoy reading a letter to Sultan Bajezid, 1599. Bajezid on his throne, surrounded by Ottoman courtiers. From "Revzet us-safa" by Ali Ibn Mehmet ut-Tustari. ID: Or 5736, fol. f 172 verso.


    Manesse Codex (sheet 17r): Heinrich I Duke of Askanien and Prince von Anhalt (around 1170-1252), nephew of Heinrich III of Meißen. The Manesse Codex or Grosse Heidelberger Liederhandschrift (Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg Library, Cod. Pal. germ. 848) is a book copied and illustrated between 1305-1340 in Zürich, presumably compiled by Johannes Hadlaub. It contains love songs in Middle High German by important poets, several of whom were famous rulers. The term for these poets, Minnesänger, combines the words for "romantic love" and "singer", reflecting the content of the poetry, which adapted the Provençal troubador tradition to German. This manuscript has 137 portraits of the authors which depict each poet, some of them as idealized knights, dressed in their own heraldic colors and devices, making it possible for readers to identify them.


    Sandals of Queen Nefertari, 1279-1213 BCE From the tomb of Nefertari, Valley of the Queens. Plant fibre.


    Chamberlain of Tiglath Pileser III worshipping emblems - and inscription. Bas-relief on a limestone stele (7th BCE) from Tell Abta near Niniveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    The prince. Fresco (17th-14th BCE).

    10-02-01/ 9

    Gilded stucco in Herrenchiemsee palace, a residence built for Ludwig II of Bavaria, who admired France's Louis XIV and saw himself as another "sun-king". Construction of Herrenchiemsee palace began after Ludwig's visit to Versailles in 1867.


    The Battle of Crecy, 1346, between Philippe II of France and Edward III of England. Among the dead lies blind King Jean of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia (with crown around his helmet). From the "Chronicles" of historian Jean Froissart (1333-1410). MS 864, folio 172


    Coronation of Pharamond,Battle of the Franks against the Romans,Childeric under his tent,Childeric and Queen Basine,Baptism of Clovis. From "Les Grandes Chroniques de France (La Chronique de St.Denis).Ms.867/324,fol.18 recto.


    Carrousel given to Louis XIV in front of the Tuileries,June 5, 1662.


    Tree of Life and a lion killing a camel, detail of the centerpiece of the coronation mantle of Norman King Roger II of Sicily. The kufic inscription gives the Hegira date 528 {1133-1134) See 30-01-02/15-18 Royal workshop, Palermo, Italy. 1133-1134 Inv. XIII 14


    Le sceptre de Charles V of France -Scepter of King Charles V of France, surmounted by a statue of Charlemagne. Gold, pearls, precious stones (1380) Size: 60 cm MS 83


    The purple Codex Rossanensis,a 6th century manuscript on purple parchment,contains the gospel of Matthew and almost the entire gospel of Mark.Size:30 x 25 cm.Inscriptions and 40 verses are from the Psalms and Prophets.Folio 1:The Raising of Lazarus,Jn.XI,44.Prophets:David,Hosea,David, Isaiah. I Samuel;II,6,Hosea XIII,14.Ps LXXVI,15a;Is XXVI,19. Origin perhaps Aleppo,Syria.


    The adoration ot the three Magi Canvas; 346 x 488cm Cat. 1638


    Louis XIV, King of France (1638-1715). Canvas, 18th century.

    39-19-05/ 4

    Adoration of the Magi. 10014560


    L'Echange des deux princesses de France et d'Espagne sur la Bidassoa a Hendaye,le 9 novembre 1615. Canvas,394 x 295 cm, 1622-1625 INV.1782


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