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    Seven large tapestries illustrate the Battle of Pavia in 1525,in which Emperor Charles V.defeated French King Francois I.A Swiss mercenary is killed as he tries to cross the river Ticino.Detail of 40-03-09/26.


    Emperor Karl V's war against Chaireddin (also known as Hayreddin Barbarossa, Grand Admiral of the Ottoman Navy), Turkish governor of Tunis. Sailships and galleys land near Carthage,prior to the departure for La Golleta.Cartoons for 12 tapestries, charcoal and watercolour on paper,385 x 662 cm,Inv.2039 In 1535 the Spanish Empire attacked Tunis, then under the control of the Ottoman Empire. Holy Roman Emperor Karl V (Charles V) of the Habsburg dynasty assembled a huge army and war fleet. He defeated Barbarossa's fleet and, after a siege, captured Tunis on June 1 1535.


    Ixion,Roi des Lapithes,trompe par Junon. Ixion,King of the Lapiths,deceived by Juno. Canvas, 175 x 145 cm RF 2121


    Esther led before King Ahasuerus, around 1555. Canvas, 208 x 284 cm Inv. 912


    Jupiter et Antiope,1851 Canvas,32,5 x 43,5 cm R.F.2521


    Jane Seymour (1509-1537), queen of England, third wife of Henry VIII, executed 1537. Oil on oakwood (1536) 65.4 x 40.7 cm Inv. 881


    Plaque depicting King Eannatum, around 2450-2300 BCE. Fragment of a stone plaque with a cuneiform inscription which identifies the figure as Eannatum, ruler of the kingdom of Lagash. The plaque would have been dedicated to a temple by Eannatum himself and was probably originally fixed to the wall. ANE 130828


    Nasser-al-Din Shah (1831-1896), Qajar King of Persia End of the 18th century; Iran, Teharan Oil on canvas; 36cm x 22,5cm MAO 776


    King Sargon II (721-705 BCE) and a high official, probably crown-prince Sennacherib. Alabaster, bas-relief from the palace in Khorsabad, Mesopotamia 330 x 230 cm AO 19 873


    Winged genius. Bas-relief on a marble orthostat (883-859 BCE) from the palace of Assyrian King Ashurnazirpal II at Nimrud-Kalash, Mesopotamia (Iraq)


    Bull. Enameled tile and ceramic brick. Detail from the Ishtar Gate, Babylon, Mesopotamia Period of Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BCE)


    Naked, circumcised prisoners of Semitic origin are led before a king on his throne.Detail:The king (Pharaoh?) on his sphinx-throne,drinking from a cup; a servant, a musician,a soldier.Ivory from Megiddo,Israel. See also 08-05-05/22-25.Collections of IDAM, Jerusalem.


    The "Alexander Sarcophagus" from the Phoenician royal necropolis at Sidon, was made for Abdalonymos, King of Sidon.Narrow face,detail of 10-01-09/32.A groom in oriental costume holds King Abdalonymos' horse. Late 4th BCE; Marble, 195x318x167 cm Inv.370 T


    The "Alexander Sarcophagus" from the Phoenician royal necropolis at Sidon, was made for Abdalonymos, King of Sidon. Short face:Abdalonymos (on horse) during the battle of Gazza (312) in which he was killed. Late 4th BCE; Marble,195x318x167 cm Inv.370 T


    Study and bedroom of King Frederic II of Prussia. Huge columns support the ceiling. King Friedrich II died in the armchair in this room August 17, 1786.

    14-02-04/ 7

    "Goldenes Roessl" (Golden Horse). Altar (1404). King Charles VI adoring Virgin Mary and child, a stable boy ,wearing 2-colored Burgundian breeches, holds the king's horse. Limoges enamel and gold Height: 62 cm


    King Herod orders the Massacre of the Innocents. From the Paris Psalter, French, early 13th.


    Chronique de la Bouquechardiere,world-history composed by Jean de Courcy (1350-1431),seigneur de Bourg-Achard. Around 1470,French,parchment,43 x 31 cm,364 pages. King Priam greets his son Paris and Helena,whom Paris has abducted.Volume 1,fol.85


    Helmet with harpy (Greek harbinger of pain and famine), from the armour of Alessandro Farnese (1545-1592), famous general of King Philip II of Spain and governor of the Netherlands. 1578. See 17-01-02/1-28. Milan workshop, bluesteel, gold and silver, Inv. A 1132


    Emperor Karl V (1500-1558),aged 2, and his two sisters Eleonore (1498-1558, married Emanuel of Portugal and Francois I of France) and Isabella (1501-1526, married Christian II of Denmark). By the Master of the St. George's Guild,1502. Wood, 36,5 x 18 cm each, Inv. 4452


    King Harold I of Denmark (911-987 - aka Harald Bluetooth) proclaims his Catholic faith at Jelling, the old Viking capital of Scandinavia. The locality is particularly noteworthy for being the site of the burial mound of King Gorm of Denmark and his wife Thyra, the parents of King Harold I of Denmark, who erected a Christian church on the spot. Harold also erected the Jelling stones – massive monolithic rune stones. Gold leaf fragment; 10th century


    L'Apothéose d'Henri IV et la proclamation de la régence de la reine, le 14 mai 1610. Canvas, 394cm x 727cm. INV. 1779

    39-19-10/ 2

    La remise de l'Ordre du Saint-Esprit, dans la chapelle de Versailles (3 juin 1724) - The bestowal of the Order of Saint-Espirit, in the chapel of Versailles Palace (3 June 1724). Canvas, 56cm x 81cm. R.F. 1949-32

    39-19-11/ 3

    Marie-Louise de Parme (1751-1819), wife of her cousin Charles IV of Spain. Detail of 39-19-02/42. Canvas, 129 x 97cm. INV. 1455


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