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    Your search results for "Babies, Nursing" (90 images)
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    Herakles finds his son Telephos in Arcadia. Detail:Telephos nursed by a doe. From the Basilica in Herculaneum,Italy. Inv. 9008


    The creation of the Milky Way,1636-38. Painted for the "Torre de La Parada". Canvas,181 x 244 cm Inv.1668


    Mother and child. Terracotta From Drenovac, Serbia. Vinca Culture, Neolithic (5th mill. BCE). Height 21 cm Inv. 5670


    Woman nursing a child; a servant holds a mirror and a crayon of khol. 19th-20th dynasty,1285-1069 BCE. Limestone, ochre, H:11,7 cm Inv. E 25333

    08-01-21/ 8

    The Goddess Isis nursing the child Horus. This Hellenistic version of the Egyptian goddess Isis wears a fringed cape around her shoulders and vinebranches in her hair. Terracotta (330 BCE-1 CE) from Alexandria, Egypt


    Murals in the Hall of the Zodiac,Palazzo d'Arco in Mantova.In the early 16th century the palace belonged to Luigi Gonzaga (1500-1532).Toro,the bull:a bucolic scene;Pan playing the flute,little Jupiter nursed by the goat Amalthea;far background:the rape of Europa.


    Buddha Sakyamuni as child with Confucius and Laozi. Chinese painting on silk; 18th century.


    Nativity.From the Petites heures du Duc de Berry; initial D. Ms lat.18014,fol.38. French,around 1390.


    Divine mother Galaktotrophousa. Icon (ca. 1600)


    Lady nursing a baby;opposite:offerings and a servant. 19th-20th dynasty, 1285-1069 BCE. Limestone, ink and colours, H:8 cm Inv. E 27661

    08-01-21/ 6

    Le cattive madri - The Bad Mothers. According to an Indian legend, mothers who killed their newborn children must hang, frozen, in trees in a snowy landscape and nurse their dead children. Oil on canvas, 105 x 200 cm Inv. MG 269


    Infanta Carlota Joaquina Teresa of Spain (1775-1830), Queen consort of Portugal. She was the eldest daughter of King Carlos IV of Spain (1748-1819) and his wife Maria Louisa of Parma (1751-1819).

    39-19-05/ 6

    Virgin and child with Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.In the background the Abbey of Cluny. Wood,29 x 29 cm R.F.2230


    Murals in the Hall of the Zodiac,Palazzo d'Arco in Mantova.In the early 16th century the palace belonged to Luigi Gonzaga (1500-1532).Leo,the lion:Diana of Ephesus,nursing black and white putti;two lions on her arms;background:Hercules kills the Nemean lion.


    Empress Marie Louise and her son, the King of Rome, (Salon of 1812). Canvas,52 x 45 cm


    Isis on a throne, suckling the child Horus. Bronze, 26th Dynasty (664-525 BCE), Late Period, Egypt. See also 08-01-09/67 Height 23 cm


    Jupiter enfant nourri par la chevre Amalthee - The child Jupiter nursed by the goat Amalthea. Canvas,147 x 103 cm

    40-11-28/ 3

    Repas de famille - A Family-dinner. Canvas, 82 x 68,5 cm M.I. 983


    The Holy Family, also known as "The Household of the Carpenter", 1640. Wood,41 x 34 cm INV 1742


    Isis nursing Horus. Bronze statuette from Ashkelon


    Romulus and Remus suckled by the she-wolf, relief on the outer wall of the gothic church of Maria Saal, Carinthia. The relief came probably from Virunum, the Roman capital of the province of Noricum.


    Woman holding a child. Teracotta From Gradac de Zlokucani, Serbia. Vinca-Plocnik Culture, Neolithic (5th mill. BCE). Height 9 cm Inv. 775


    The newly born Mohammed in his mother's arms is sown to his grandfather and a group of meccans. 1368


    Scenes in the life of a child. Sarcophagus of M.Cornelius Statius. Marble, L: 148 cm, H:47 cm Mid-2nd CE


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