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    Your search results for "Jerusalem, Temple Mount" (103 images)
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    The circumcision, 1638/39 Canvas


    The Dome of the Rock was built during the Omayyad Caliphate on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The arcade in front of the Dome of the Rock is called "The Scales" In Muslim tradition this is where the scales for the weighing of souls will hang on Judgement-Day.


    Hebrew inscription: "of the place of trumpeting". From the outer walls of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem (2nd half 1st BCE) Herodian Period.


    Itinerarium, presenting the main pilgrimage sites of the Holy Land.From Jerusalem, after 1865. The two top registers show Jerusalem, the lower registers sites in Shechem,Safed,Tiberias and Hebron. Watercolour on paper, 64,5 x 47,4 cm


    Jesus expelling the merchants from the Temple. Detail. For overall view please see 40-03-03/56. Oil on canvas, 288 x 436cm. Inv. 1402


    Presentation in the temple, one of two panels from an altar. Around 1490. See 40-05-05/44 Wood, 89 x 74,5 cm RF 1972-2


    In the Holy Land:Jerusalem,seen from the Mount of Olives.


    Garden of Gethsemane on the western border of the Kidron Valley. Here the Apostles fell to sleep. There are still some very ancient olive trees. Background: eastern wall of the Temple Mount,


    Three arches of the Golden Gate at the south wall of the Temple District of Jerusalem. They are walled-up and are supposed to open only upon the arrival of the Messiah.


    Ritual bath next to the great staircase on the south side of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel


    Road to Jerusalem leads from the heights of the Mount of Olives down to the Kidron Valley and then rises up again to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


    Jerusalem, Israel, view from the Mount of Olives, Dome of the Rock in center.


    The Western wall of the Temple in Jerusalem.Built by King Solomon ("first Temple"),destroyed by the Baby- lonians,restored around 520 BCE("second Temple") and rebuilt by Herod in the second half of the 1st century BCE, it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 BCE.

    08-04-05/ 1

    Drawing of 2 doves and inscription: CORBAN (sacrifice) On a fragment of a stone jar found at the west corner of the Temple walls. Jar served a religious purpose. Herodian Period (1st BCE)


    Saint Joachim presents little Mary to the priests at the Temple. Detail of 15-03-08/48 Narthex


    Jesus expelling the merchants from the Temple. Detail of woman carrying a basket of fruits. For overall view please see 40-03-03/56. Oil on canvas, 288 x 436cm. Inv. 1402


    Jesus expelling the merchants from the Temple. Peasant woman with eyeglasses. Detail from 40-03-03/56 Oil on canvas, 288 x 435 cm Inv. 1402


    The presentation in the temple, 1640-1641. The painting refers to Saint Luke. Jesus' parents present the newborn to God and make a sacrifice of two pigeons. An angel appears to announce the future sacrifice of Christ. Canvas, 393 x 250 cm INV. 8492


    Le presentation de la Vierge au temple - The Virgin Mary brought to the temple. Canvas, 105 x 106 cm Saint's day: 26 July - St. Anne

    40-11-16/ 2

    La Presentation au Temple - Presentation in the Temple. Canvas 223 x 165 cm


    View of Jerusalem with Temple Mount and the golden cupola of the Dome of the Rock,Jerusalem.

    08-04-05/ 8

    The Dome of the Rock, interior. The rock in the centre of the Mosque marks the spot, according to Jewish tradition, where God prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. In Muslim tradition, this is the place from where the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven.


    The young Virgin is led into the Temple by her parents, where she will spend most of her youth. Under the cupola, in a further scene, an angel feeds her bread. Narthex Saint Anne July 26th


    Nicolas de Lyre,Postilles sur la Bible,France 14th. MS 292,vol.3,fol.214 verso. The portal of the Holiest of Holies in the Temple of Jerusalem.Miniature from the Book Ezechiel.


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