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    Your search results for "Jerusalem, Temple Mount" (103 images)
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    Nicolas de Lyre,Postilles sur la Bible,France 14th. MS 292,vol.3,fol.208 verso. The Temple of Jerusalem,miniature from the Book Ezechiel.


    Christ sentenced by Pilate. Wood; 58 x 81cm Cat. 1519


    Altar of the Crucifixion, from Champmol Abbey. Painting on the back of the right-wing panel, Presentation in the Temple, rest on the Flight to Egypt Tempera on wood, 1394. Inv. CA 1420 A

    40-03-08/ 5

    Ketubah, a Jewish marriage contract, from Padua, Italy, 1732. Above the two traditional columns and the arch is a view of Jerusalem with the Temple Mount. Bride and bridegroom are on top, center. Tempera and ink on parchment, 98 x 69 cm


    Sultan Omar rebuilds the Temple in Jerusalem. From Guillaume de Tyr,"Histoire de la Conquete de Jerusalem", 2629,folio 17.French,15th.


    12 scenes from the life of the Virgin. Left: Presentation of Jesus at the temple. Right: Circumcision Panels from an altar, 593 x 289 cm M.I.466,456


    The golden cupola of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


    The Presentation in the Temple, (Luk.2,25-39). Old Simeon recognizes the infant Jesus as the Messiah he recites the 'Nunc Dimittis...'. On the right the prophetess Anna, who also recognizes the Messiah. Canvas, 172 x 136,5 cm


    Les marchands chassees du Temple - the merchants driven from the Temple. Canvas,36 x 48 cm INV.403


    Brick with stamp of the Roman Legion "Legio Fretensis" which took part in the destruction of Jerusalem, Israel.


    Jesus driving the Money-Changers from the Temple. Detail from the ciborium. Alabaster high-relief, probably Syriac


    Saint Anne and Saint Joachim with their child Mary; Joachim presents Mary to the High priest. Narthex


    Presentation in the Temple. Scenes from the New Testament. Detail from Bernward's Column. A cast bronze column (11th), named after Bishop Bernward (993-1022) Height 400 cm


    The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Oil on poplar wood (1490-1500) 63.5 x 81.5 cm Inv. 117


    Presentation in the Temple, panel from a predella for an altar in the Strozzi chapel, Santa Trinita, Florence. 1423 Wood, 26,5 x 66 cm INV. 295


    Presentation in the temple,1353 Wood, 190 x 125 cm M.I.394


    Two paintings from a cycle on the Life of the Virgin, painted around 1505 for the Sala dell'Albergo in the Scuola degli Albanesi in Venice. 1.Presentation of the Virgin to the high Priest. Oil on canvas, 130 x 137 cm Saint's day: 26 July - St. Anne


    Three arches of the Golden Gate at the south wall of the Temple District of Jerusalem. They are walled-up and are supposed to open only upon the arrival of the Messiah.


    Modern model of Jerusalem at the time of the Herodian Temple (ca 50 BCE), Israel


    The esplanade of the Temple Mount with an Omayyad Well where once the Second Temple stood. Mount of Olives in the background. Jerusalem, Israel


    In the Holy Land:Jerusalem,view across the Kidron Valley to the Temple Mount.


    The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Oil on poplar wood (1516) 155 x 159 cm Inv. 207


    Nicolas de Lyre,Postilles sur la Bible,France 14th. MS 292,vol.3,fol.215 recto. Facade of the Temple of Jerusalem,miniature from the Book Ezechiel.


    The presentation in the Temple. Tempera on wood


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