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    Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907 Canvas,243,9 x 233,7 cm


    Marylin Monroe, 1962


    Room in Brooklyn,1932 Canvas


    Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States, 1932. Mara Rodriguez de Reyero Collection, New York.


    Ma jolie,1911-1912


    Brushstrokes 1967 Signed screen print


    The moon-woman cuts the circle, 1943. Canvas,101 x 104 cm


    The Firebird,costume sketch for Igor Stravinskis ballet,1913. Watercolour,gouache and gold on paper,68,5 x 49 cm


    Pharaoh Sahure (2442-2430 BCE) and the god of a nome (district),indicated by the sign on the god's head. The god holds an ankh, sign of life in his left hand. 5th dynasty. Gneis, 64 x 46 x 41,5 cm Rogers Fund,1917.18.2.4


    Gray alphabets 1968


    The house near the railroad track, 1925 Canvas


    Rug salesman. Canvas,46 x 61 cm


    New York or New Amsterdam Plan of New York or New Amsterdam (as in Sep' 1661 1664 Maps.K.Top.121.35


    Window Display on a Detroit Street, 1931. Mr. and Mrs. Abel Holtz Collection, courtesy Gary Nader Fine Art, Miami.


    False start. Canvas, 170.8 x 137.2cm. Permission to reproduce the work of Jasper Johns must be obtained from VAGA, 1133 6th Ave.,45th floor, NYK 10036;tel.001 212 840 1805.


    According to what, 1964 Canvas


    Revolutionary War Sergent Ezra Lee attacking HMS Eagle in the first military submarine service in New York harbour on September 7, 1776. Watercolour; 19th century. Turtle was the first American submarine, invented in Connecticut in 1775 by David Bushnell as a means of attaching explosive charges to ships in a harbor. On September 7, 1776, Turtle, under the guidance of Army volunteer Sergeant Ezra Lee, attacked HMS Eagle, which was moored off what is today called Liberty Island, but it could not manage to bore through the hull. When he attempted to try another spot in the hull, he lost the ship, and eventually abandoned the attempt.


    Emigrants leaving for America waiting for the depature in Genoa harbour. From the December 8, 1901, issue of "Domenica del Corriere". Illustration by Achille Beltrame.


    New York Stock Exchange. Lithograph by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) and Augustus Charles Pugin (1762-1832); 1809.


    A check - "keep your distance". Travellers keep Native North Americans at bay. Coloured print.


    Bird's eye view of Greater New York, USA. Lithograph; 1897.


    Maynard Dixon: "Sunset, July. The Magazine of California and the Wild West". USA, 1904. Coloured photogravure, 74 x 51cm.


    Thomas Jefferson, third president of the USA (1743-1826) Canvas


    Study of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945) for the painting of the Big Three at the Yalta Conference. This likeness is a study for a larger painting a sketch of which appears at the lower left commemorating Roosevelt meeting with wartime Allied leaders Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin at Yalta. The larger work was never completed, artist Douglas Chandor claimed, because Stalin refused to pose for it. Oil on canvas, 1945. NPG.68.49


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