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    The Hungarian Revolution began with a first mass-rally in Budapest on October 23, 1956. It was crushed by Soviet tanks and artillery after days of street-fighting. Soviet soldiers lie dead among the debris of a truck on Jozsef körut.

    56-09-15/ 3A

    Gdansk (Danzig),Poland, after massive destruction during World War II. In the center Marienkirche, Saint Mary's church, to the right the "Krantor", the crane-city gate. 1951

    15-04-05/ 1

    The battle of Solferino (1859) between Austrian and Franco-Piedmontese troops. Etching; 19th century.


    Ruins in war-destroyed Gdansk. Poland began rebuilding Gdansk in all its medieval splendour immediately after World War II, a time of great poverty. Gdansk, 1956

    56-08-07/ 6A

    Post-war Vienna. Ruins of the Philippshof shelter, which collapsed during an air-raid on 12 March 1945, killing 250 people. The damaged opera house is visible in the background. Albertinaplatz, Vienna, Austria, 1945

    48-01-01/ 1

    Khosrau I and his vizir in front of the ruins: page of a manuscript of "The Storehouse of Mysteries" ("Makhzan al-asrar") - the first of the five poems from Nezami's Khamsa ("Five Poems"). Around 1580, Shiraz, Iran Ink, gouache, gold and silver on paper; 26,40cm x 19,40cm MAO 374


    The War. Triptych. Oil on wood (1929-1932) Inv. no. 3754


    Aeneas and the Sibyl, Lake Avernus circa 1798 Canvas; 765 x 984 mm frame: 1045 x 1260 x 115 mm N00463


    Aftermath of the Hungarian Revolution. In this very cold winter, a small boy carries a huge piece of firewood found in ruins. Budapest, December 1956.

    56-10-15/ 9

    Post-war Vienna. A tailor in traditional Austrian leather shorts stands in front of his shop. The shop windows are still boarded up from war damage. Vienna, 1954


    Aftermath of the Hungarian Revolution. A policewoman directing non-existant traffic at a Budapest crossing. Budapest, 1956

    56-10-14/ 8A

    The annunciation - The visitation, Saint Mary visits Saint Elisabeth - The adoration of the angels - The adoration of the Magi. Painted Gothic archs imitating gray stone enclose these four compositions. Around these archs numerous biblical episodes are depicted as reliefs. In the jambs of the arches are medallions, also represented as carved stone. Polyptych, wood; Center 80 x 105cm, wings 80 x 56cm Cat. 1461


    Ruins in Gdansk,Poland,1956.


    Landscape with antique ruins.In a fantastic scenery of Roman ruins, students and admirers measure and draw statues and columns.The inscription cites Ovid:"O time, swallower of things, and you,envious old age,you have destroyed all."Canvas,96 x 141,5 cm G 740


    Gdansk (Danzig),Poland, after massive destruction during World War II. In the center Marienkirche, Saint Mary's church, to the right the "Krantor", the crane-city gate. 1951


    Ruines romaines avec le Colisée - Roman ruins with the Colosseum. 1798. Canvas, 50cm x 59cm. R.F. 1983-81


    Ruins of the old Kreuzkirche in Dresden Dresden in ruins after Prussia's invasion of Saxony in 1756 starting the Seven Year War against various allies (Austria, France, Russia, etc.). restored 1764-1794. Oil on canvas


    L'ange Raphael quitte Tobie et sa famille - The angel Raphael leaves Tobias and his family.Painted for the Hotel Fieubert,Paris. Canvas,137 x 215 cm


    The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel seen through the ruins of the Tuileries after the fire of 1871. Oil on canvas


    Das Tausendjaehrige Reich, The Thousand-Year Reich. Center: Vision 1936 Triptychon, oil on wood (1935-1938) 130 x 152 cm Inv. 2981


    Berlin, Anhalter Bahnhof, the badly bombed railway station on the demarcation line between East and West Berlin. Sign post on the right reads "End of American sector of West Berlin". A policeman watches the Soviet sector with binoculars. Berlin-West, 1955


    Fleurs, fruits, oiseaux et insectes dans un paysage avec ruines. Flowers, fruit, birds and insects in a landscape with ruins. Canvas, 99 x 84 cm INV. 1557


    Greece Expiring on the Ruins of Missolonghi. Oil on canvas (1826)


    Ruins in Gdansk,1956


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