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    Your search results for "Old Age" (201 images)
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    The Lovers. Canvas (1524-1526) 163 x 337 cm Inv. 223

    40-07-07/ 6

    Meditating philosopher, 1632. Wood, 28 x 34 cm INV. 1740


    Elisabeth,Empress of Austria-Hungary,in a rare photo in later years.Exceptionally,she wears her hair in a bun and not the magnificent tresses of the early portraits. With her is Ida Ferenczy, lady-in-waiting. 1891,seven years before the Empress was assassinated in Geneva.

    26-02-02/ 1

    Le Matin - morning, from the triptych L'Age d'Or - the Golden Age. Left wing panel. Canvas, 126,5 x 117 cm R.F.1492


    Saint Jerome lisant - Saint jerome reading. Copy of a lost original. Canvas, 122 x 93 cm R.F. 3928


    The apostle Paul, 1633 Canvas, 135 x 111 cm Inv. 397


    Die sieben Todsuenden - The seven deadly sins. Oil and distemper on canvas (1933) Inv. 2654


    Vanitas, reverse side of the portrait of a young man. Limewood, 35 x 29 cm Inv.849


    The three ages (detail)


    Le soir - evening,from the triptych L'Age d'Or - the Golden Age. Right wing panel. Canvas, 126,5 x 117 cm R.F.1494


    Buddha Sakyamuni as child with Confucius and Laozi. Chinese painting on silk; 18th century.


    "Dulle Griet", a Dutch legendary witch, half dangerous, half funny. In this painting she even robs hell and sends the monsters scampering. Oakwood, 47,5 x 63 cm Inv. 722


    Senecio (Petit viellard) - A tiny old man,1922 Canvas, 36,5 x 38,1 cm


    Ungleiches Liebespaar (Uneven couple). Wood, distemper (1925) 180 x 100 cm Inv. LG-38


    Hunting hares: the old hunter. Black-figured Attic lekythos, around 500 BCE Inv. IV 194


    Medea before Pelias. Jason has been deprived of his kingdom by Pelias;Jason's wife Medea takes revenge by talking Pelias'daughters into cutting their father up and boiling the body in a cauldron,as a rejuvenation. Red-figured pyxis, end 5th BCE. Inv. CA 636


    Suzanne au bain - Susanna and the elders. Canvas, 205 x 145 cm INV. 7836


    The Ages of Man and Death. Death takes an old woman by the arm,who holds on to a young woman.A child on the ground,an owl to the left. Companion piece to 40-02-04/29 Wood, 151 x 61 cm Cat.2220


    The old Jew. Oil on canvas


    Scene of divination. A hoplite examines the liver of a victim, which a youth holds out for him. An older man watches. Black-figured amphora Around 520 BCEInv. 100


    La nuit - night,from the triptych L'Age d'Or - the Golden Age. Center panel. Canvas, 117,5 x 117,5 cm R.F.1493


    An aged Mullah. Opaque watercolour and gold on paper India or Pakistan; ca. 1615 Artist: Farrukh Beg, born ca. 1545 - died active 38.6 cm x 25.1 cm (page), 16.8 cm x 11.1 cm (picture only) Museum Number: IM.10-1925


    "Scivias"(Know the ways of the Lord) by the German nun and mystic Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179).The book, Codex Rupertsberg,disappeared during WW II.Transparen- cies are from a faksimile.L:God is present when a child is born.R:the stages of life,ending under God's tent.

    15-02-04/ 5

    The painter Hans Burgkmair and his wife Anna. On the mirror:"Know thyself, oh mors, hope of the world" Limewood, 60 x 52 cm Inv.924

    40-05-05/ 8

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