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    Your search results for "Mother And Child" (196 images)
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    Mother and child. Terracotta From Drenovac, Serbia. Vinca Culture, Neolithic (5th mill. BCE). Height 21 cm Inv. 5670


    Le Deluge - The Flood, 1806 Canvas, 441,5 x 341 cm INV.4934


    Woman nursing a child; a servant holds a mirror and a crayon of khol. 19th-20th dynasty,1285-1069 BCE. Limestone, ochre, H:11,7 cm Inv. E 25333

    08-01-21/ 8

    Woman with child. Terracotta phial, New Kingdom (16th-11th BCE), Egypt. N 969


    Fowling in the marshes; fragment of a wallpainting from the tomb of Nebamun,Thebes. 18th dynasty,around 1350 BCE. Nebamun stands on a small papyrus boat,with his wife Hatshepsut behind and his son below him. He lets fly a throwstick into a mass of birds above a papyrus thicket. Despite his modest title of "scribe and counter of grain" Nebamun could afford an expensive tomb. EA,37977


    Medea premeditating the murder of her children. Fresco (1st CE) from the Casa dei Dioscuri, Pompeii, Italy. Inv. 8977


    Deux meres - two mothers, 1888 Canvas,242 x 182 cm R.F.590


    Vigee-Le Brun, self-portrait, and her daughter Julie. (1780-1819). Painted 1786. Detail of 40-11-07/23. Canvas, 130 x 94 cm. Inv. 3069


    Hector mounting his horse, bidding farewell to his wife and son. Background: a dazzling mosaic. Harl.4431.fol. 135 Min.


    Tomb-stele, woman with distaff, child. Basalt, H: 100 cm Late Hittite, 8th-7th BCE Inv. 1756


    Eleonora of Toledo,wife of Cosimo I Medici (1522-1562) and her son Giovanni, around 1544. Wood,115 x 96 cm Inv.748


    Idyll. Oil on canvas 50 x 74 cm

    40-16-02/ 9

    Lady nursing a baby;opposite:offerings and a servant. 19th-20th dynasty, 1285-1069 BCE. Limestone, ink and colours, H:8 cm Inv. E 27661

    08-01-21/ 6

    Caroline Bonaparte, sister of Napoleon,Queen of Naples with her children.


    Le cattive madri - The Bad Mothers. According to an Indian legend, mothers who killed their newborn children must hang, frozen, in trees in a snowy landscape and nurse their dead children. Oil on canvas, 105 x 200 cm Inv. MG 269


    Assaradon and his mother Naqi'a, who seems to be the model for the Greek legend of Queen Semiramis, a polit- cally active and influential woman to whom campaigns in Africa and India were ascribed, but also the plans for the Hanging Gardens. Bronze, H:33 cm AO 20185


    Saint John preaching.


    King Solomon's Judgement (unfinished). Canvas, 208 x 315 cm

    40-08-02/ 7

    Le jugement de Salomon - Solomon's judgement, 1649 Canvas, 101 x 150 cm


    Isis on a throne with the child Horus on her knees. 26th Dynasty (664-525 BCE), Late Period, Egypt.


    Empress Marie Louise and her son, the King of Rome, (Salon of 1812). Canvas,52 x 45 cm


    Isis on a throne, suckling the child Horus. Bronze, 26th Dynasty (664-525 BCE), Late Period, Egypt. See also 08-01-09/67 Height 23 cm


    La Benedicite. A mother waits for her small daughter to say her prayers before the meal. See detail 39-19-17/26. Oil on canvas 49.5 x 38.5 cm Inv. 3202


    The judgement of Solomon.


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