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    Fancy-dress ball in Bonn's Residence Theatre (1754). Clemens August, Prince Elector and Archbishop of Cologne as host. Beethoven's grandfather among the musicians and Giacomo Casanova on the balustrade.


    Festival at the court of King Arthur. From the "Roman de Saint Graal". Around 1460. Ms.527. See also 15-02-05/62.


    The ladies dance a roundelay,a medieval dance, typical of life at court,in one of the murals of the knights' hall in Runkelstein castle,South Tyrol, Italy.Right,in dark dress,Margarete Maultasch ("satchel-mouth"), countess and ruler of Tyrol (1318-1369).


    A battle between knights in armour. Mural illustrating the King Arthur cycle in the "summer-house" of Runkelstein castle.


    Romanesque codex of the 12th century: Liber Feodorum: scenes of a royal wedding.


    The Carolle in the Garden. The Lover is invited to dance with a group of couples led by Sir Mirth and Lady Gladness. From "Roman de la Rose" by Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun. Illustrated by the Master of the Prayerbooks of circa 1500. S. Netherlands (Bruges), circa 1490-1500. Shelfmark: Harley 4425 Page Folio Number: f.14v


    King sitting on his throne, table with offerings, his son, and courtiers. Relief from the top of the sarcophagus of Ahiram, King of Byblos, from Byblos, Lebanon


    King Arthur and Guinevere at a banquet, with Sir Lancelot kneeling before them, requesting permission to leave the court. From the Romance of the Saint Graal by Robert De Borron. France (Picardy?); early 14th century (1300-1315?). Shelfmark: Royal 14 E. III Page Folio Number: f.89


    Chateau de Versailles: the "Salon des Dames" at the time of King Louis-Philippe (1773-1850), with the original furniture and (foreground) embroideries by Queen Amelie and her ladies.


    The court at Delhi on the birthday of the Great Moghul Aureng-Zeb. 137 figurines, gold and enamel, studded with 5.000 diamonds. 1701-1708 L:142 cm J.M.Dinglinger, brothers and 14 collaborators.


    The return of Christopher Columbus;his audience before King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the "Catholic" rulers. Oil on canvas (1839) 90.4 x 118.3 cm


    Romanesque codex of the 12th century: Liber Ceritanae: Queen and courtiers.

    40-06-08/ 9

    Gala dinner in honour of the wedding of Crownprince Joseph (later Emperor Joseph II) and Princess Isabella of Parma, at Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, in 1760. At the head of the table the bridegroom's parents, Emperor Franz Stephan and Empress Maria Theresia.


    Marco Polo (1254-1324) before the Grand Khan of the Tartars.Canvas; 1863.


    Foreign princes pay homage to the king. Thebes, tomb of Menkheperrasonb, No.86 period of Tuthmosis III (1475-1448 BCE) Ancient Egyptian paintings,selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davies,plate XXI

    08-01-15/ 9

    Naked, circumcised prisoners of Semitic origin are led before a king on his throne.Detail:an Egyptian soldier leads two prisoners.Ivory,probably a furniture- ornament.From Megiddo,Israel.See also: 08-05-05/22-24 Collections of IDAM, Jerusalem.


    Queen Christina of Sweden (reigned 1632-54) and her court. Next to the queen philosopher Rene Descartes.

    26-03-06/ 2

    Court society in front of a Burgundian castle. Oil on wood

    40-03-03/ 4

    Astrologers casting horoscopes during the celebrations for the birth of Timur (1336). A miniature painting from a manuscript of Akbarnama. India; 17th century. The Akbarnama, which literally means History of Akbar, is a biographical account of Akbar, the third Mughal emperor, written in Persian. It includes vivid and detailed descriptions of his life and time.


    Court life at the Castle of the Holy Grail (Richard Wagner's opera "Parzival"). Wallpainting; Neuschwanstein Castle.


    Court ball at the Palais du Louvre on the occasion of the wedding of Anne, Duc de Joyeuse, Sept. 24, 1581. Center: the newlyweds. Left, under a red canopy, King Henri III and his mother, Catherine de Medici. Oil on copper (1582) - 41,5 x 65 cm - Inv. 8731


    Timur enthroned at Balkh, 1550. Timur (Tamerlane) is enthroned at Balkh,Afghanistan. Timur sits on a raised dais; people are visible through an arch, those inside sit cross-legged. The interior is decorated in the Islamic style, with floral patterns and tiling. From the "Timurnameh" by Abdullah Hatifi.

    03-06-03/ 6

    Marie-Antoinette in her apartments in Versailles, surrounded by members of her court.1777.


    Alboin and Rosamunde. Alboin, king of the Langobards, forces Rosamund, daughter of his slain enemy, to drink from her father's skull. 1615, perhaps with workshop; perhaps Frans Francken II. Canvas, 132 x 202 cm Inv. 686


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