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    Your search results for "Interiors: In Paintings" (178 images)
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    The painter Apelles, Alexander the Great and Campaspe. Alexander gives his lover Campaspe to the painter. The King believes that Apelles, as an artist, is better able to appreciate Campaspe's beauty. Wood, 96 x 136,2 cm P 444


    Portrait of Giovanni (?) Arnolfini and his Wife ('The Arnolfini Portrait'), formerly known as the 'Arnolfini Wedding'. 1434. Oil on oak, 82.2 x 60 cm. NG186. Detail see 40-03-03/5.

    40-03-01/ 6

    Las Meninas (the maids of honour).Velazquez (in a self- portrait),paints the Spanish royal couple, Philip IV and his wife Mariana (visible in the mirror in back). Their only child,Margarita,is surrounded by maids of honour and court dwarfs.1656,canvas,318 x 276,Inv.1174


    Nude pleating her hair. 1907 Canvas, 90 x 60 cm

    40-06-03/ 7

    Le Reniement de saint Pierre dans un corps de garde avec des joueurs de cartes. 1646. Copper, 37cm x52cm. INV. 1877


    The daughter of the Sultan of Babylon at a banquet. From the story of Alatiel. Cassone, distemper on wood 149 x 38 cm


    Kitchen Scene, allegory "Voluptas Carnis" Wood Sp 339


    Meditating philosopher, 1632. Wood, 28 x 34 cm INV. 1740


    The Venus of Urbino,1538 Oil on canvas, 119 x 165 cm Inv. 1437


    Un apres-diner au XVIII siecle - After-dinner entertainment in the 18th century. R.F.1980-8


    The salon of Princess Mathilde, daughter of king Jerome and Queen Catherine of Wuerttemberg, at the rue de Courcelle in Paris, 1859. Oil on canvas.


    Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, with Teniers' self-portrait, among his art works in the archduke's gallery in Brussels. First version (1651) Oil on canvas, 123 x 163 cm Cat. 378, Inv. 739


    Der Liebeszauber (Love potion). A naked girl draws sparks from a flint and drips water on a wax heart to conjure up her lover who appears suddenly in the door. Fire in the chimney, flowers, a parrot and a dog are further symbols. Tempera on copper beech. 23.8 x 17 cm.


    The calling of Matthew, 1599. Canvas


    The Death of the Virgin. Oil on canvas (1605) 369 x 245 cm Inv. 54


    The Astronomer (After restoration). Oil on canvas (1668) 51.5 x 45.5 cm RF 1983-28

    40-11-28/ 1

    L'alchimiste dans son laboratoire - The alchimist in his study. Canvas, 47 x 40 cm MNR 926


    Noble visitors in the peasant's living room. Oil on copper (1597) 27 x 36 cm Inv. 674


    Le preteur et sa femme - The money-lender and his wife,1514. Oil on wood, 70.5 x 67 cm Inv. 1444


    The potato-eaters Oil on canvas, 1885 Cat. No. 196


    A dancing party. Oakwood, 41,5 x 54 cm Inv. 3576


    King Louis XV in the boudoir of Mme. Dubarry. In 1874 King Ludwig II of Bavaria sent Benczur to Versailles and Fontainebleau, to study the interior decorations of both palaces. Sketch for the oil,1874. Canvas, 79 x 65 cm Inv. 5575


    Passatempi in villa: la colazione - Life in a villa:a meal. Canvas; 58 x 78,5cm Cl. I, n. 2155


    Gala concert in honour of Princess Maria Fedorowna in Venice, Italy. Oil on canvas


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