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    Portrait of Giovanni (?) Arnolfini and his Wife ('The Arnolfini Portrait'), formerly known as the 'Arnolfini Wedding'. 1434. Oil on oak, 82.2 x 60 cm. NG186. Detail see 40-03-03/5.

    40-03-01/ 6

    Tsar Alexander I presents to Napoleon I the Kalmuks, Cossacks and Basquirs of the Russian army, July 1807. Canvas; 19th century.


    Medici,Lorenzo il Magnifico Oil on wood


    Head of a falcon. This is a votive object belonging to a gold statue of the falcon Horus, patron deity of Hierakonpolis (near Edfu), the predynastic capital of Upper Egypt. It's head was executed by means of beating the gold then connecting it with the copper body. A uraeus is fixed to the diadem which supports two tall openwork feathers. The eyes are inlaid with obsidian. Gold and obsidian; Old Kingdom (6th dynasty).


    Carnelian seal stone, Sasanian, 5th century. This is an exceptionally large and finely carved Sasanian carnelian seal stone. The inscription, in Pahlavi characters, names him as 'Vehdin-Shapur, chief store-keeper of Iran'. He was probably an official under Yazdagird II (reigned AD 438-57). His high rank is shown by his elaborate headdress. ANE, 119994


    Jeanne d'Autriche (1547-1578), Grande-Duchesse de Toscane, mère de Marie de Médicis. Canvas, 247cm x116cm. INV. 1791 See also 39-19-09/67


    Marie-Francoise Braganza y Bourbon (1800-1834), wife of King Carlos V.,painted 1820. Canvas


    The Moneychanger. Canvas RF 1973-34


    Reverse panel of the altar of The Last Judgement in Beaune. Right panel: the wife of Nicolas Rolin, chancellor of the Dukes of Burgundy and founder of the hospital in Beaune. She kneels in prayer, an angel holds her coat of arms. Wood, 1434


    Isabelle de Bourbon, wife of Charles le Temeraire, or Isabella of Portugal, wife of Philippe le Bon. Copy around 1500, of an original of 1450-1460, after van der Weyden, possibly by Van Eyck. Wood, MR 2319


    Equestrian portrait of King Philip (Felipe)II of Spain (1527-1598).Painted 1628.Victory crowns the King with a laurel wreath;in the background the battle of San Quintin,1557. Canvas,314 x 228 cm Cat.1686


    Stele of King Ashurbanipal, from Borsippa,southern Iraq; Neo-Assyrian, 668-655 BCE. Wearing the Assyrian king's headdress, Ahurbanipal is shown in the pose of much earlier kings,lifting up a large basket of earth for the ritual molding of the first brick for a new temple. The cuneiform inscription records the restoration of Rzida, temple of Nabu, god of writing, in Borsippa. ANE,90865


    The Empress Wu Zetian, who usurped power during the Tang dynasty in China. She ruled from 684 to 705 CE. From an 18th century album of portraits of 86 emperors of China, with Chinese historical notes. China; Qing dynasty, 18th century CE. Shelfmark: Or. 2231 Page Folio Number: f.51


    The money changer and his wife. Loan from the Prado. Wood, 83 x 97 cm


    Head of a Sassanid King,5th-6th CE Bronze from Ladjvard,Mazandaran,Iran (?) ACQ 1952


    Royal head, perhaps depicting Hammurabi(1792-1750 BCE). From Susa. As on the stele of Hammurabi, the prince is wearing a rounded cap with a high brim, similar to that worn by king Gudea. Diorite, H: 15 cm Sb 95


    Head of a gateway guardian, Demon. Period of Sennacherib (704-681 BCE) from Nineveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq) Cat. 118781


    Male head with Egyptian atef crown of the God Osiris. The eyes were originally inlaid; probably an Ammonite king. From the Citadel in Amman. Limestone, H:25 cm Inv. J4767


    Qin Shihuangdi ,First Emperor of China , 221-210 BCE. Qin dynasty. From an 18th century album of portraits of 86 emperors of China, with Chinese historical notes. China; Qing dynasty, 18th century CE. Shelfmark: Or. 2231 Page Folio Number: f.24


    Major-General Charles George Gordon (1833-1885), Royal Engineers. He was also known as Chinese Gordon, Gordon Pasha, and Gordon of Khartoum, and was a British army officer and administrator. He is remembered for his exploits in China and northern Africa. Canvas; 19th century.


    Tchien Lung (aka Qianlong, 1711-1799) - Emperor of China, Qing dynasty. William Alexander (1767-1816) accompanied Lord Macartney's embassy to visit the Chinese Emperor in Beijing from 1792 to 1794. From numerous sketches he made during his stay, he painted this watercolour scene and many others when he returned to England. He had engravings made and published of some of his views.


    Condemned by the inquisition. Canvas

    40-06-10/ 3

    Warrior in armour,drawing his sword. Canvas, 101 x 75 cm Inv.313


    Chess players.From Jaques de Cessoles' "Libellus de Moribus",Ms.286/1075,folio 25 recto. French,14th.


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