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    The Odyssey Landscape Frescoes: Messengers of Odysseus investigating the island of the Laestrygonians talk to the daughter of King Antiphates. (The Laestrygonians were a mythological tribe of gigantic cannibals who devoured some of Ulysses companions). Roman wall painting; 1st century CE.


    The return of Christopher Columbus;his audience before King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the "Catholic" rulers. Oil on canvas (1839) 90.4 x 118.3 cm


    Marco Polo (1254-1324) before the Grand Khan of the Tartars.Canvas; 1863.


    Flying Fish, discovered by Girolamo Benzoni 1541 on his voyage to the "New World". From "Americae", part IV. 1594. Color engraving.


    Sword, helmet of a conquistador, horseman's armour belonging to Charles V. Letter by Hernan Cortes.


    In 1785,Louis XVI gives instructions to Jean Francois de Galaup,comte de La Perouse,naval officer and explorer.Towards the end of a world cruise with a staff of scientists,La Perouse and his crew were killed by natives on Vanikoro Island in the Hebrides.


    Christophe Colombe recu par Ferdinand II et Isabelle la Catholique a son retour des Indes - Columbus received by King Ferdinand II and Isabella the Catholic upon his return. Canvas, R.F. 566


    Christopher Columbus,Seafarer,Discoverer


    Portrait of Marco Polo (1254-1324). Cover of the first printed edition of The Travels of Marco Polo. Illumination; 1477.


    Audience of Christopher Columbus before King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the "Catholic" rulers, in Santa Fe near Granada.

    03-08-04/ 7

    World map and globe, 1507 by Martin Waldseemueller, and a scale model of Christopher Columbus' flagship, the "Santa Maria".


    Christoforo Columbus, discoverer (1451-1506) Oil

    26-01-03/ 9

    "Niemals Zurueck!" Two Austrian officers, Julius von Payer(1852-1915) and Karl Weyprecht (1838-1881), discovered and named Franz Joseph Land in the Arctic in 1873/1874.


    Fernao Magelhaes (1480?-1521) and his ship "Victoria" in which he began the first westward round the world voyage. In 1520 he found the "Magelhaes Street" between Latin America and Fireland, and was killed by local tribesmen in the Philippines in 1521.


    Sea creatures off the coast Olaus Magnus, Gottus Upsalensis, quo melius univer Rome, 1572 Maps.C.7.e.2, part 19


    Copy of an idol venerated in the Temple of the Five Hundred Genii in Canton, China. The idol is an effigy of early traveller Marco Polo (1254-1324), who spent 12 years at the court of Kublai Khan, Mongol ruler of China (1214-1294). Wood, gilded.


    Copy of an idol venerated in the Temple of the Five Hundred Genii in Canton, China. The idol is an effigy of early traveller Marco Polo (1254-1324), who spent 12 years at the court of Kublai Khan (1214-1294),Mongolian ruler of China. Wood, gilded. See also 40-08-03/20


    Royal manufacture of Sevres porcelain Stained glass-window of the Renaissance or "of the inventions, decoveries and works that were typical of the Renaissance period between 1450 and 1550." Major composition by Claude-Aimé Chenavard; central panel ( Louis XI receiving the first bible printed in France) by Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury 1834-1838; Sevres porcelain painted and stained glass, lead, iron; 5,87m x 3,70m OA 11932


    A galleon sets sail to Venezuela Memoirs, biographical notes and poems, etc.. Nuremberg, 1560-1632 Add. 15217 f.38


    From the book of Father Florian Paucke, describing his missionary journeys in Latin America between 1748-1769. "How a missionary crosses a river in a skin, or, alter- natively in a basket. How deep rivers are crossed in Paraguaya." Codex 420, Zwettl Monastery, Austria.


    Christopher Columbus, discoverer (1451-1506) Canvas


    Two Austrian officers, Julius von Payer (1852-1915) and Karl Weyprecht (1838-1881),discovred and named Franz Joseph Land in the Arctic during their expedition 1872/1874."In the arctic pack-ice". Canvas,painted 1892.


    Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), German scientist and explorer, 1843


    William Barents expedition Waerachtighe Beschrijvinghe. Amsterdam, 1598 C.133.e.34, 25


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