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    Fight between Pygmies and animals in a Nilotic landscape. Wallpainting (1st CE) from Pompeii, Italy. Detail of 11-01-01/54


    Unloading a boat. Mosaic from an underground tomb at Hadrumetum (Sousse), Tunis (mid 3rd CE). 99 x 206 cm


    Lord George Byron (1788-1824) contemplating the Colosseum in Rome by Arthur Willmore or James Tibbets Willmore. The poet Lord Byron visited the Roman Colosseum (spelled in his version the Coliseum) in the early 19th century, as did many of his fellow writers and poets. Engraving


    The annunciation - The visitation, Saint Mary visits Saint Elisabeth - The adoration of the angels - The adoration of the Magi. Painted Gothic archs imitating gray stone enclose these four compositions. Around these archs numerous biblical episodes are depicted as reliefs. In the jambs of the arches are medallions, also represented as carved stone. Polyptych, wood; Center 80 x 105cm, wings 80 x 56cm Cat. 1461


    Grape harvest. 10014135

    39-19-15/ 4

    The battle between Love and Chastity, 1503. Detail of 40-08-06/46. Painted for the studiolo of Isabelle d'Este in Mantua. Canvas, 160 x 191cm. INV. 722


    Farmers' Feast. Oil on oakwood (1550) 85 x 171 cm Inv. 2365


    The Party in the Country. Oil Cat. 136


    Baptism of Christ. Background:sermon of Saint John Baptist. Shortly after 1515 Oakwood, 60 x 76,5 cm Inv. 981

    40-04-02/ 8

    The Staghunt of Elector Johann Friedrich. On the left Emperor Karl V, Elector Friedrich der Weise, and Elector Johann Friedrich. Oil on lindenwood, 116 x 176.5 cm Inv. 856


    St. Catherine's altar, triptych on lime wood (1506). Right panel: Saint Barbara with chalice and host, Saint Ursula with arrow, and Saint Margaret with the dragon. The fortress of Coburg in the background.


    Moonrise on the seashore. Oil on canvas 135 x 170 cm


    Angel of the Annunciation. One of two panels. Canvas (around 1552) 272 x 156 cm


    Orpheus and Eurydice. Oil on canvas (about 1659) 124 x 200 cm Inv. 7307


    Rinaldo and Armida (from Torquato Tassos "Gerusalemme Liberata"). Armida, the Sarracene magician, falls in love with her former enemy, the crusader Rinaldo. Canvas,82,2 x 109,2 cm


    Paysage boise avec Diane tendant un lievre a une nymphe;Silenus et Ceres au premier plan. A landscape with wood;Diana offers a hare to a nymph; Silenus and Ceres in foreground. Canvas,62,3 x 108 cm


    Saint Bernard exorcising an evil spirit. Panel from the Altar of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Zwettl Monastery, Austria. Tempera on wood (1500) 74 x 74 cm


    Apollo among the shepherds. Oil on canvas (1806-1808) 178.5 x 232 cm Inv. 701

    40-17-03/ 7

    Megalithic monuments in Gezer, probably representing the 12 tribes of Israel.


    Trees with birds in the gardens of Sennacherib by the Tigris near Niniveh. Stone bas-relief (7th BCE) from the palace of Niniveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    The three Magi departing across the seas. From the Baptistery, Florence. Mosaics cover the entire cupola. They were begun in 1220 and completed a century later. The designs are by Florentine painters, among them Cimabue and the young Giotto.


    The Duke of Orleans (later Philippe-Egalite) and his son, the Duc de Chartres, the future King Louis-Philippe, on horseback, 1788. Philippe,Duke of Orleans was Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France. Canvas


    Les lavandieres (The washerwomen) Oil on canvas, 1895


    The timid lover, 1718. Oil on canvas.


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