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    Palace of Knossos, Crete. Small courtyard in the living quarters of the east wing. The columns, originally made of wood, were replaced by stone columns by archaeologist Arthur Evans, during restoration in the early 20th.


    On the River at Qing Ming Festival. This painting is considered one of the most valuable in Chinese art history for its high level of technical quality and the liveliness with which it portrays the myriad details of urban life. It is generally interpreted as portraying the city environs of Kaifeng, the Northern Song capital, and some of the surrounding countryside. Handscroll, ink and colors on silk. Northern Song Dynasty, China; 12th century CE.


    Sugar-Hogsheads - Slaves loading barrels onto a boat. From "Ten Views in the Island of Antigua", which depicts the process of sugar manufacture. Drawings by William Clark. Published by Thomas Clay; London, England; 1823. Shelfmark: 1786.c.9 Page Folio Number: plate X


    Two Cretan tribute-bearers. Thebes, tomb of Menkheperrasonb, No.86 period of Tuthmosis III (1475-1448 BCE) Ancient Egyptian Paintings selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davies, plate XXII


    Men transporting cedarwood for construction of a palace by sea. Bas-relief from the palace of King Sargon II at Khorsabad, Mesopotamia (Iraq). Detail AO 19889


    Marie de Bourgogne, (1457-1482), first wife of Emperor Maximilian I. Daughter of Duke Charles le Temeraire of Burgundy; mother of Philip the Fair of Castile and Margarete of Austria. Dress: green Italian damask with pomegranate design. Wood, 75,5 x 54.5 cm, Inv. 4400

    26-01-01/ 5

    The legend of Sigurd (Siegfried) from the Edda (collection of norse mythological poems): Regin sleeps while Sigurd is roasting Fafnir's heart. Wood panel from a church in Setesdal, Norway; 12th century


    Death from famine, around 1470-1480. Dead bodies lying in the middle of the path, with a group of onlookers keeping their distance behind the trees. To the right a funeral procession with a woman carrying a small coffin in her arms. From "Premier volume des anchiennes et nouvelles chroniques d'Angleterre". ID: Roy 15 E.IV. fol.187


    The Knight and the Landsknecht. Around 1496. Woodcut, 391 x 284mm. (monogrammed)

    33-02-01/ 4

    The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian. Around 1500. Woodcut, 395 x 290mm.


    Noli me tangere = Christ appears to Saint Mary Magdalen after the resurrecton. Wood; 220 x 160cm Cat. 323


    Paysage allégorique - Allegorical landscape. Wood, 36cm x 25cm. R.F. 1345 (verso of 39-19-10/15)


    Le colin-maillard - Blind man's buff. Before 1773. Canvas, 38cm x 47cm. R.F. 2556


    Latone métamorphosant les paysans de Lycie en grenouilles - Latone changing the farmers of Lykia into frogs. Wood, 36cm x 46cm. INV. 124


    Le Calvaire - Calvary. Detail showing two angels. For overall view please see 40-11-11/1. Wood, 170 x 126 cm. R.F. 1962-1


    The Holy Family. Tempera on oakwood (1525-1530) 53 x 40 cm


    The Tempation of St.Anthony.The saint is surrounded by monstruous creatures.An iridenscent reptile represents woman as temptation;at the saint's feet a pig with a bell in its ear,which marked animals as belonging to a convent. Wood, 70 x 51 cm Cat.2049


    The Adoration of the Magi,center panel of the triptych. Side panels:Saints Peter and Ines accompanying the donors.Around 1510 Wood,central panel:138 x 72 cm.wings 138 x 34 cm Cat.2048


    Ruth and Naomi. Oil


    Seaport with windmill. Oil on canvas


    Martyrdom of Saint Catherine. Oil on oakwood (before 1515) 27 x 44 cm Inv. 1002


    Conversation dans un parc - The artist and his wife Margaret in a park. Around 1746, the year of their wedding. Canvas, 73 x 68 cm R.F. 1952-16


    Nymph and shepherd. Canvas, 43 x 60 cm


    The abduction of Ganymed. Oil on canvas (1530) 163.5 x 70.5 cm Inv. 276


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