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    Country house on Attersee Lake (Landhaus am Attersee), Upper Austria. Oil on canvas (1914)


    Die grosse Pappel (II) or Aufsteigendes Gewitter. Oil on canvas (1903) 100 x 100 cm


    View of New Lanark. Lithograph; 19th century. New Lanark is a small 18th-century village set in a sublime Scottish landscape where the philanthropist and Utopian idealist Robert Owen (1771-1858) moulded a model industrial community in the early 19th century. The imposing cotton mill buildings, the spacious and well-designed workers' housing, and the dignified educational institute and school still testify to Owen's humanism.


    Entrances to the tombs of Ramses VI and Tutankhamun. Valley of the Kings, Biban el-Muluk, Thebes, Egypt. 18th and 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom

    08-01-05/ 7

    Entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun. Valley of the Kings, Biban el-Muluk, Thebes. 18th Dynasty (1580-1314 BCE), New Kingdom

    08-01-05/ 8

    Canaanite fortification walls of Jericho (Tel-el-Sultan), oldest known inhabited settlement. Neolithic fortification


    12 steles surrounding a place of worship in Gezer, one of the oldest Israelite settlements (3000 BCE). The city was given to King Solomon by an Egyptian Pharaoh.


    Concert in the country:The song. Canvas

    25-01-07/ 5

    "A kiss to the earth", stage setting for the "Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky, 1912


    The Angel bringing the message to Joachim. (Life of the Virgin, 3). Around 1504. Woodcut, 301 x 212mm. (monogrammed)


    L'Hermitage a Pontoise - the Hermitage in Pontoise, 1867. Canvas


    Scène de patinage près des ruines de la Huis te Merwede devant Dordrecht. Au fond, la Grande église (Grote Kerk) de Dordrecht - Iceskating near the ruins of the Huis te Merwede near Dordrecht. In the background the Grote Kerk (la Grande Eglise) de Dordrecht,1649. Wood, 52cm x 72cm. R.F. 3726


    Le printemps - Spring. 1738. Canvas, 69cm x 89cm. INV. 5597


    Adoration of the shepherds. Central panel of the altar in Bruges, Belgium. Oil on oakwood


    Triptych de la famille Sedano - Triptych of the Sedano family. Center: Madonna and angels; left wing Jean Sedano presented by Saint John Baptist; right Jean Sedano's wife presented by Saint John Evangelist. Wood, 97 x 71,5, 91 x 30 cm R.F. 588


    Beheading of Saint George. Herlin Altar Oil on wood


    Summer landscape (July, August): Harvesters resting and eating. Detail. Canvas (1585) Total size 116 x 198 cm Inv. 1060


    Apollon amoureux de Daphne - Apollo in love with Daphne,1664;Poussin's last painting. Canvas,155 x 200 cm M.I.776


    The wine harvest (Autumn),cartoon for a tapestry, 1786-1788 Canvas,275 x 190 cm Cat.795


    Doge Sebastiano Venier. The naval battle of Lepanto (1571) against the Turks in the background. The Imperial fleet under Don Juan d'Austria and the Doge of Venice destroyed the Turkish fleet. Oil on canvas (ca. 1578) 104.5 x 83.5 cm Inv. 32

    40-07-03/ 9

    Sea-battle between Venetians and Genoeses in 1265 near Trapani, Sicily. Oil on canvas (16th).


    The Adoration of the Shepherds with female donor. Canvas,140 x 210 cm INV 402

    40-07-07/ 1

    Saint Jerome, painting probably ordered by Isabella d'Este, 1523. Canvas, 80 x 102 cm INV. 750


    Scenes from the story of Tobias:he bids farewell to his father;Tobias and the Archangel Raphael;Tobias takes heart,liver and gall from the big fish. Companion piece to 40-08-10/13. Wood, 22 x 51 cm, Inv.6703


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