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    Book of the Dead: The papyrus of Hunefer. Above Hunefer kneeling before a table of offerings in adoration, in presence of fourteen gods, seated in order of judges. Below the Judgement, or weighing of the conscience; the jakal-headed Anubis examines the pointer of the balance, wherein the heart (conscience) of the deceased is being weighed against the feather of Maat, symbolical of law or of right and truth; on the left a jakal-headed deity is leading the deceased by the left hand. On the right are the monster Ammut, the Devourer, and the Ibis-headed God Thoth, the scibe of the Gods, who notes down the result of the trial. On the right Hunefer is ushered by Horus into the presence of the God Osiris enthroned within a shrine. Behind him are Isis and Nephtys. In front a lotus flower on which stand the four children of Horus, or gods of the cardinal points. New Kingdom (19th Dynasty). EA9901


    Figurines of Akhnaton and Nefertiti,18th dynasty, later than 1345 BCE. Amarna period, 1365-1347 BCE Limestone, H: 22,2 cm Inv. E 15539


    Conductor Herbert von Karajan (5.4.1908 - 16.7.1989) recording Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37 with the Berlin Philharmonic and the pianist Glenn Gould. Concert Hall of the Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin, Germany, 24 to 26 May 1957.


    Portrait of Pharaoh Tutankhamun (1346-1337 BCE). Gold with precious stones from the inner coffin of the tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings, Thebes. 1342 BCE, New Kingdom


    Warriors on the march. four soldiers blow carnyx horns, a celtic war trumpet. Gundestrup Cauldron, outer plate Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) La Tene III


    Mustafa II in armour, page of an album containing portraits of Ottoman sultans. Beginning of the 18th century; Turkey Gouache, silver and gold on paper; 16,50cm x 10,80cm MAO 2009


    Roman marble bust of Alexander the great (336-323 BCE), copied from a greek statue by Eufranor; 338 BCE.


    Saint Paul Wood; 108 x 84cm Cat. 1657

    39-19-04/ 4

    Vertumnus (Emperor Rudolf II), 1590 Oil on wood 70,5 x 57,5 cm


    Gaius Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE) Marble bust, Inv. I 1493

    10-04-05/ 1

    Napoleon (1769-1821) crossing the Saint Bernhard Pass, one of five versions, 1801/2 See also 40-11-04/56 and 26-03-04/4. Oil on canvas, 246 x 321 cm Inv. 2342


    Peter the Hermit shows the crusaders the way to Jerusalem during the first crusade. From the manuscript "Roman du Chevalier du Cygne". Peter the Hermit (died 1131) was a priest of Amiens, and a leader of the First Crusade. According to Anna Comnena, he attempted to go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem before 1096, but was prevented by the Turks from reaching his destination. Illuminated manuscript on parchment; about 1270 Ms 3139 fol. 176v


    Manesse Codex (sheet 13r): Margrave Otto IV of Brandenburg (1266-1309) carries the surname "mit dem pfile -with the arrow". He was hit in the head by an arrow during the seige of Staß an der Bode and kept the arrow in his wound for over a year because of his mistrust in the physicians. The Manesse Codex or Grosse Heidelberger Liederhandschrift (Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg Library, Cod. Pal. germ. 848) is a book copied and illustrated between 1305-1340 in Zürich, presumably compiled by Johannes Hadlaub. It contains love songs in Middle High German by important poets, several of whom were famous rulers. The term for these poets, Minnesänger, combines the words for "romantic love" and "singer", reflecting the content of the poetry, which adapted the Provençal troubador tradition to German. This manuscript has 137 portraits of the authors which depict each poet, some of them as idealized knights, dressed in their own heraldic colors and devices, making it possible for readers to identify them.


    Warriors carrying heads of enemies and throwing them on a heap. Battle of Til Tuba. Ashurbanipal and the Assyrians fight Teumman, King of Elam, on the Ulai river in 635 BCE. Stone bas-relief (7th BCE) from the palace in Niniveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    Maximilian II (1527-1576),son of Emperor Ferdinand I, King of Bohemia,Emperor 1564. Canvas,184 x 100 cm,painted 1550 Inv.2111


    Pasquius Proculus and his wife. Wallpainting from Pompeii, House VII, 2,6 IVth style, 65 x 58 cm Inv. 9058


    Karl V with his son Philipp II Canvas


    Emperor Karl V (1500-1558), in whose realm, stretching from Eastern Europe to Latin America, 'the sun never set'.Contemporary copy after Titian. Canvas, 110 x 91 cm Inv. 8060


    Male head, "tete Salt" Painted limestone Old Kingdom, 4th - 5th dynasty Inv. N 2289


    A god with torque, a human figure on either side. Gundestrup Cauldron, outer plate. Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) La Tene III

    09-01-03/ 9

    Funeral portrait of a boy, 4th CE Canvas on fig-wood,painted stucco, 29 x 41 cm Inv. E 22309


    Portrait of Shah Abbas I,Isfahan,Iran,March 12,1627 with one of his concubines in the garden. Ink,colours and gold on paper,25,5 x 15 cm

    03-04-01/ 8

    Sultan Mehmet II Fahti, "The Conqueror" (1451-1481), the Sultan of the Conquest of Constantinople (1453). Bellini was court painter in Constantinople in 1479 and painted the portrait in the year before Mehmet's death.Oil on canvas, 69,9 x 52,1 cm NG 3099

    26-04-01/ 2

    Pharaoh Ramses II (1290-1224 BCE) holding Nubian, Libyan and Syrian prisoners by their hair. Painted limestone stele; New Kingdom (19th dynasty)


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