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    Your search results for "Cult, Christian" (2053 images)
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    Altar of The Last Judgement: Christ-judge, archangel Michael weighing souls, angels sounding trumpets and carrying the implements of the Passion; Saint Mary and Saint John Baptist. Center panel of the polyptych. Wood (1434) See also 40-03-01/7-13, 40-04-04/31-34


    The "Roettgen-Pieta". (about 1300)


    Antique patera (flat dish for the Host), serpentine, 1st BCE - 1st CE,from Alexandria. Mounting Carolingian, from the court of Charles le Chauve 2nd half 9th. Serpentine, precious stones, glass-paste. From the treasury of the Abbey of St.Denis. MR 415


    Massacre of the Innocents. Oil on oakwood (1565). 116 x 160 cm Cat. 53 Inv. 1024


    Holy Night. Around 1495 Oakwood, 57 x 41 cm Inv.904


    Triptych with the Last Judgement. Center panel: Judgement and Weighing of Souls; left shutter: Reception of the Righteous into Heaven; right shutter: Casting the Damned into Hell. 1467-1471 Inv.SD/413/M Oak, center 221 x 161 cm, wings 223,5 x 72,5 cm

    40-03-06/ 1

    The martyrdom of Saint Barbara. Around 1633 Canvas


    Madonna of the Rosary with Saint Dominic and Saint Peter Martyr. Oil on canvas (1607) 364 x 249 cm Inv. 147


    The Wedding at Cana. Photograph before restoration. Please see 40-08-02/34-38 for post-restoration pix.


    Pope Alexander VI presents Bishop Jacopo Pesaro to Saint Peter. Pesaro (1460-1547), a Dominican, became bishop of Paphos and commander of 20 galleys against the Turks. He distinguished himself in the naval battle of Maura in 1502. Canvas, 145 x 184 cm


    Trinita, 1427


    "Je Su, the Pig, is put to death", propaganda against the foreigners. Chinese woodblock print. Qing dynasty, 19th century CE. From the Church Missionary Society Archives.


    Saint Paul being led towards martyrdom. Detail from the lower panel of the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, Roman prefect who died in 359 CE. High-relief. This belongs to one of the finest pieces of Roman funerary art of the 4th CE.


    Ornaments on the obverse side. Detail from the Shrine of the Three Magi at the high chancel of the cathedral. Gold, enamel, precious stones, antique gems, cameos (begun 1181)


    The Verdun Altar. 27 pictures in the centre, 12 pictures on each wing, originally the facing of an ambo. Enamel plaque in champleve technique on gilded copper (begun 1181)


    Lowering the Paralytic through the roof. From the MS "The Four Gospels", Folio 97 r, from Mount Athos Monastery, Iberon, Greece (2nd half 12th)


    "Scivias"(Know the ways of the Lord) by the German nun and mystic Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179).The book, Codex Rupertsberg,disappeared during WW II.Transparen- cies are from a facsimile.A vision of baptism:The Church (with crown)draws new-borns to baptism.


    The Hand of God. God speaks to Noah in the story of the Flood; mosaics in the arcades of the atrium of the basilica. Mosaic

    15-03-01/ 8

    Christ surrounded by apostles;he is seized by Roman soldiers. Judas' kiss. Saint Peter draws his sword to cut off Malchus' ear. Mosaic (6th)


    Jerusalem with Emperor Constantine's buildings rising above Calvary and the Holy Sepulchre. Detail of the "Map of Madaba", a mosaic floor of an early Christian church.

    15-03-05/ 3

    Matthew, evangelist. 117 x 58 cm


    Christ from the Deesis in the Narthex.


    Psalter of Ingeburg of Denmark,France,around 1210. MS 9/1695, fol.23 The Last Supper; Christ washes the apostles' feet.

    32-01-04/ 7

    The purple Codex Rossanensis,a 6th century manuscript on puple parchment,contains the gospel of Matthew and almost the entire gospel of Mark.30 x 25 cm.Inscriptions and 40 verses are from Psalms and Prophets.Folio 15: Above:The trial before Pilate;presenting charges.Mt.XXVII,11-14. Below: Highpriests Annas and Kaiphas under the canopy;the fate of Judas;he returns the 30 pieces of silver and hangs himself.Origin perhaps Aleppo.


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