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    Your search results for "Tiara, Papal Crown" (16 images)
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    The fountain of Grace and the triumph of the Church over the Synagogue Wood; 181 x 116cm Cat. 1511


    The goddess Ishtar and her accolites on a mountain. Ishtar is shown in her warrior-aspect,with tiara and armour, her lion at her feet. From the ground around palace of Shakkanakku, Mari, period of the Amorite dynasties. 19th-18th BCE H: 11 cm Inv. 2880


    The coronation of Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte. Oil on canvas (1806-1807) Detail: Empress Josephine Overall size 621 x 979 cm


    Scenes from the Life of Pope Gregory the Great. Upper register:Gregory visits the construction site of an abbey.Lower register:Gregory exorcising a demon. From Vincent de Beauvais:Miroir Historial,French,15th Ms 722/1196 fol.8 verso.

    15-03-04/ 9

    Arrival of Pope Urban II in France, for the Council of Clermont,1095. From the Roman de Godefroy de Bouillon, Ms 22495, fol.15 France,1337.


    The triumph of the Church Chariot pulled by four horses with the Church carrying the sacraments of the Eucharest. An angel is carrying the Tiara. Under the wheels are Wrath, Discord and Hatred; on feet: Blindness and Ignorance. Canvas; 86 x 105cm Cat. 1698

    39-19-04/ 8

    Bust-reliquary of Saint Cornelius, Patron Saint of animal husbandry, wearing the papal Tiara. Gold, silver, and pearls (1350-1360) Height: 78 cm November 8th

    15-01-04/ 1

    Pope Clemens XIV, Giovanni Ganganelli (1705-1774), author of the bull "Dominus ac redemptor noster" which dissolved the Order of the Jesuits. Terracotta model (bozetto) (1783-1784)


    Coronation of the Virgin. 1514 Spruce, 117 x 79 cm Inv. 2656


    Saint Peter enthroned with Saints John Baptist and Saint Paul,around 1516. Oil on panel transferred to canvas, 155 x 146 cm.


    The Pope receives a delegation - Chronicle of the Council of Constance. From the "Concilium Constantiense". Augsburg; 1483.


    "In ictu oculi",an allegory of Death. Canvas


    God Father surrounded by the four evangelists. A 16th century missal of bishop Jean Baillet of Auxerre,France.


    Hieronymusaltar,detail,1511. Fathers of the Church: (inner panels,left,inside):Saints Ambrose,Gregory and Augustinus. Oakwood, 144 x 75,5 cm Inv. 867 Saint Ambrose Dec.7th Saint Gregory March 12th Augustinus August 28th


    Pope Sixtus IV (1414-1484) From a series of 28 portraits, painted ca.1475 for the studiolo of Federigo da Montefeltre,Margrave of Urbino. Wood, 116 x 56,4 cm M.I.644


    The Holy Pope - Portrait of an unknown pope Tempera on wood 114.5 x 83.5 cm - VO 196

    40-05-02/ 2