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    Your search results for "Orleans Dynasty" (8 images)
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    The Duke of Orleans (later Philippe-Egalite) and his son, the Duc de Chartres, the future King Louis-Philippe, on horseback, 1788. Philippe,Duke of Orleans was Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France. Canvas


    Queen Victoria (1819-1901) and Prince Albert(1819-1861) guests of King Louis Philippe at the Chateau d'Eu in 1845. Oil 220.7 x 177.8 cm


    Louis-Philippe, Duke of Orleans as a boy (1725-1785), Duc de Chartres. Father of Philippe Orleans, who joined the Revolutionaries of 1789, took the name of "Philippe Egalite" and died on the guillotine in 1793. Canvas, 281 x 145.5 cm Inv. 3288


    Philippe d'Orleans,(1674-1723), Regent during the minority of Louis XV, great-grandson of Louis XIV. Philippe d'Orleans is the son of the Princesse Palatine (Liselotte von der Pfalz) and Philippe,brother of Louis XIV. Oil on canvas

    26-03-03/ 2

    Ferdinand Philippe, Duc d'Orleans, son of Louis-Philippe, king of the French. Oil on canvas


    Philippe d'Orleans (1640-1701), brother of Louis XIV, founder of the House of Orleans; first married to Henriette of England, then to "La Palatine" Liselotte von der Pfalz. Canvas, 140 x 105 cm Inv. 2763


    Louis-Philippe Joseph d'Orleans, Duc de Chartres (Philippe Egalite) 1747-1793. Father of King Louis Philippe.He voted the death of Louis XVI, but died also on the Guillotine on April 6, 1793. Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France (Freemasons). Canvas


    King Louis Philippe (1773-1850) in his uniform of lieutenant-general. In the background the gardens of St. Cloud. Oil on canvas (1839) 260 x 190 cm