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    Psalter of Ingeburg of Denmark,France,around 1210. MS 9/1695 fol.39 Annunciation;Visitation - Saint Mary visits Saint Elisabeth;Nativity.


    Archangel Gabriel announcing the VIII surate of the Coran to Muhammad Siyar-l Nabi ("The life of the Prophet") Around 1595; Istanbul, Turkey Gouache and gold on paper; 28,90cm x 27,30cm MAO 708


    The annunciation made to Mary, inside the initial "G" for "gaude" (be happy). From a Liber Viaticus, a traveller's prayer book. 319 sheets, 42,5 x 31 cm Archives of Hradcany Castle,Fundus Metropolitan Chapter


    Small altar with two panels. Left: the Annunciation and Saints Paulus and James. Right: Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine, Saints Dorothea, and Barbara. Oil on wood, 72 x 43.5 cm each Inv. 6524, 6523

    40-13-01/ 6

    The Annunciation. Fresco (1482)


    The Annunciation.On the predella scenes from the life of the Virgin:Birth,Betrothal,Visitation,Epiphany, Purification and Death.Left:Expulsion from Paradise. Painted 1425-28 Wood,194 x 194 cm Cat.15

    40-08-14/ 1

    Reverse panels of the altar of The Last Judgement. Center top: Annunciation; below: Saints Sebastian and Anthony,patron of the Hospice de Beaune; left:Nicolas Rolin, chancellor of the Dukes of Burgundy, right: his wife; angels holding the couple's coats of arms. 1434


    L'Annonciation.Painted for the church in Mitry-en-France. Canvas, 297 x 227 cm


    The Annunciation. Oil on wood, 98 x 217 cm 1472-1475 Inv. 1618


    Annunciation, late 15th or early 16th. Wood,transferred to canvas, 164 x 120 cm Inv.2537


    Psalter of Ingeburg of Denmark,France,around 1210. MS 9/1695, f. 10 verso Abraham and the angels.

    32-01-04/ 2

    Annunciation. Tempera on wood 150 x 156 cm Inv. 1608


    Annunciation. Copper, 48 x 41 cm Inv.614


    The Annunciation, from the Verdun Altar. Enamel plaque in champleve technique on gilded copper (begun 1181)


    Annunciation 96 x 71 cm


    Annunciation.Center panel of a triptych. Painted for the main altar of Santa Maria Novella in Arezzo. Wood,216 x 166 cm INV.732


    La Vierge de l'Annonciation - The Virgin of the Annunciation. Canvas,49 x 39 cm INV.99


    An angel announces the birth of Samson to the barren wife of Manoah (Judges 13,2-5). Verdun Altar, 51 plaques in champsleve-technique, enamel on gilded copper. 1181 for Prior Wernher of the Augustinian canons of Klosterneuburg, Austria. Total L:

    15-01-05/ 2

    The annunciation - The visitation, Saint Mary visits Saint Elisabeth - The adoration of the angels - The adoration of the Magi. Painted Gothic archs imitating gray stone enclose these four compositions. Around these archs numerous biblical episodes are depicted as reliefs. In the jambs of the arches are medallions, also represented as carved stone. Polyptych, wood; Center 80 x 105cm, wings 80 x 56cm Cat. 1461


    Annunciation Canvas, 117 x 171,5 cm Inv. 5806


    The Annunciation. Scenes from paradise. Bottom relief: God-father, Adam, Eve, the Tree of Knowledge, and angels. Oil on wood (1480) 88 x 71 cm Inv. 1597


    Annunciation and Adoration of the Magi; on the predella Saint Mary and Saints. From one of four tabernacle reliquaries ordered for the Dominican Church Santa Maria Novella in Florence in 1434. See 40-07-09/63+65, 66 Wood, 84 x 51 cm


    unknown artist The Annunciation 16th century icon, Byzantine


    Annunciation. Tempera on wood (1350) 85 x 95 cm

    40-01-01/ 3

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