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    Capitulation of the Turkish garrison in Belgrade, 1717. Foreground: the "Howitzer of Belgrade," bronze, by Leopold Halil, Vienna, 1714. The 17 cm caliber howitzer was used during Prince Eugene of Savoy's siege of Belgrade in 1717.


    Vienna seen from the Belvedere. Oil on canvas (1758) 136 x 214 cm Inv. 1669


    Prince Eugene of Savoy during the battle of Belgrade, 1717. In the center the Prince accompanied by two high- ranking officers, riding over the bodies of fallen Turks. In the background the fortress of Belgrade. Oil on canvas, 420 x 148 cm


    Recapture of Buda Castle from the Turks, 1686. Prince Eugene of Savoy on the second white horse from the right. Canvas (1896), 705 x 356 cm Inv. 2876


    Prince Eugene of Savoy and his troops crossing the Danube near Belgrade during the 1717 campaign against the Turks. Scale model. Donaumuseum, Petronell, Austria


    War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714): Imperial troops commanded by Prince Eugene of Savoy rout French troops in the battle of Malplaquet, 1709. Detail.


    Eugene of Savoy, Prince (1663-1726), greatest General of his times, joined the Imperial armies when Louis XIV refused to give him a command in the French army; Eugene's victories stopped the Turkish advances upon Europe. He was Governor of the Netherlands from 1714-1724.


    Staircase in the town palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy (1709-1724). Atlas figures by Giovanni Giuliani.


    Belevedere Palace (1714-1723), the summer residence of Prince Eugen of Savoy.


    The so-called "Turkish bed,"1707,made for the Emperor's suite of the Abbey St.Florian.Monasteries and abbeys in Austria always reserved a suite of rooms for an eventual visit by the Emperor.The Turkish design com- memorates Imperial victories over the Turks.


    Furniture from the salon of Prince Eugene of Savoy, with his chess-game. Around 1710


    Eugene of Savoy, Prince (1663-1736) - Most important general of his era, model for Frederic II and Napoleon. Victorious over Turks at Mohacs (1687), Zenta (1697), and Belgrade (1717), which marked the end of the Turkish conquest in Europe


    "Golden room" in the town palace of Prince Eugen of Savoy in Vienna (1709-1724).


    War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714): Prince Eugene of Savoy relieves Torino, Italy, from the siege by French troops, 1706. Detail: French troops flee across the river Po. Canvas


    The "Peace Chapel" of Karlovac, Croatia, built in commemoration of the peace of Karlovac in 1699, concluded after the victories of Prince Eugene of Savoy over the Turks near Zenta in 1696.


    Apotheosis of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Prince Eugene was the greatest General of his times; his victories over the Turks halted the Turkish advance upon Europe. 1718/21, marble.


    Schlosshof Castle, Austria, seen from the gardens, built by Prince Eugen of Savoy. Oil on canvas (1758-1761) 136 x 126 cm Inv. 1764


    Schlosshof Castle, Austria, seen from the north, built by Prince Eugene of Savoy. Oil on canvas (1758-1761) 136 x 238 cm Inv. 1675


    Schlosshof Castle (Austria) seen from the garden. Oil on canvas (1758-1761) 136 x 216 cm Inv. 1674


    War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714): Treaty concerning the maintenance of Imperial troops in Spain, concluded between Prince Eugene of Savoy and the English commander, John Churchill Duke of Marlborough. The Hague, December 7, 1710.